Waking up feeling tired? Or, feeling like you have lost some of your fizz?

Probably you are thinking you might be having severe health issues. While it’s entirely possible each of these to be coming through another source, one thing you must consider before making any drastic changes: “You mattress.”

A mattress is possibly the essential piece of bedding accessory in any house. After all, how you feel after waking up in the morning depends on how well you sleep at night. But, given that a mattress has specific life span, it can be a daunting purchase. While innovations, technologies, and accessories like mattress pads and toppers are significant considerations too, another most important thing is to know how to buy a perfect mattress.

If you are planning to purchase a new mattress, take time to know several important things:

Know Various Types of Mattresses

When purchasing a mattress, it is essential to know the material type first. Some of the types are memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, and luxury. Everyone’s preferences might differ in terms of each mattress, so it’s a good idea to have some understanding about them before buying:

Innerspring: It is the most common and budget-friendly option to consider. They offer excellent support and available in a wide range of firmness measurements. However, one downside is they might not be tremendously durable.

Memory foam: It can be relatively expensive, but are great for cushioning aching muscles and sore joints.

Latex foam: Similar to memory foam, latex is towards the bouncy and elastic side and hugs your body than memory foam. This is the right choice for those who don’t like to smother. This type comes in synthetic, natural, and blended varieties.

Hybrid: This has springs and foam overlay and offers the best of both innerspring and foam models. They are available with either memory or latex foam.

Luxury mattress: It consists of state-of-the-art materials for best support and comfort. Plus, they boast high quality, ensuring to serve sleepers well both at present and in the future.

Don’t Over Think about the Cost

A superior-quality mattress might not be budget-friendly, but a positive mood and good health are simply priceless. While everyone has a certain budget in mind while purchasing a new mattress, taking comfort as your main goal should be your top priority. Since you have to live with the mattress for many years, don’t pick a mattress just because the price is less. By doing so, you might get stuck with chronic back pain and low sleep quality.


Isn’t it worth cutting down your unnecessary expenses for a while and wake up feeling great? Absolutely yes, a good mattress is that important! Buying one from Southern California mattress superstores, you can ensure purchasing the best type, but also find one that is hypoallergenic to molds, dust mites, and bacteria.

Test Your Mattress

When trying out a mattress, do more than just the sit test. You should spend at minimum 15 to 20 minutes with the product, including sitting and lying on it, rolling over, and getting in and out of bed to have a satisfactory experience. Certain materials like foam might take some time to react to your body.

Also, when you make a new mattress purchase, pillows need to be changed to keep your head and shoulders in a healthy alignment. Be sure of their return/exchange policy, as a mattress is supposed to be slept on to access the support and firmness you want.


Remember that the time you spend on your bed is worth researching on the mattress choices so that it can contribute to your comfort and wellness for years to come!