Who can resist the charm of their pets? I’m not you, neither we and neither have the most brilliant artists in the world such as; Pablo Picasso etc. There are scores of famous artists who have not been able to resist the urge to make art using the image of their pups. Each of their artwork has been a tribute to the unfailing faithful companionship provided to them by their pets. Have you wanted to get a portrait for your dearly loved pets? And, maybe you’ve even found the right place to get your animal portrait paintings done. Here are a few inspirations from other artists that could inspire you to find creative ways to get your own custom animal portrait paintings made.

1. Jeff Koon’s Puppy

One of the great artist’s. Jeff Koons, known best for his artistry in recreating large scale reproductions of objects that one sees daily. One of the favourite one sculptures created by him is a 43 foot tall one of a West Highland Terrier breed, made entirely of metal stainless steel, has soil and uses geotextile fabric.

It is also a solid internal irrigation system used to water the flowering plants all over the sculpture.

When you send in pictures of your puppy or pet to be recreated in portrait paintings, you could send in this picture of the flowering plant sculpture along with a picture of your cute pup and instruct the artists to recreate this concept as a portrait image of them.

animal portrait paintings

  2. Beware of the Dog Mosaic by Pompeii

From the Ancient Rome town called Pompeii, came a discovery of the mosaic called ‘Cave Canem’ which literally means beware of the dog. A lot of art critics believe that this artwork called ‘beware of the dog’ was intended to bring to attention that there are dogs on the campus.

Taking inspiration from this, one could go about getting professional painters and artists to recreate an image of your beloved pet as a mosaic.

animal portrait paintings

 3. Andy Warhol’s Dachshund

One of the most favourite paintings of animals is the Dachshund painted by Andy Warhol. Warhol was very close to his dog Archie. He was so close to Archie that he used to take him along everywhere from art openings to his regular eatery. Warhol was as attached to Archie as Archie was to him.

And thus was born the beautiful painting of Archie. With the help of your professional artists, you can always make do with wonders of a plain old’ painting for your mantle with a centrepiece painting of your beloved best friend.

animal portrait paintings

4. Line Painting – Picasso and Lump

Just as Warhol was in love with Archie, his pet Dachshund, Picasso was enthralled by the love for his pet Dachshund – Lump. Lump was initially the pet of Picasso’s photographer friend – Duncan. One day on April 19th in the year 1957 – Duncan brought along his pet dog, Lump to Picasso’s place and from that day on, Lump stayed there.

The truth is Picasso had many dogs, but he truly loved Lump more than anyone. He once described Lump saying, “he’s not a dog, he’s not a little man, he’s somebody else.” Lump passed away ten days before Picasso himself. Picasso had created Lump’s painting in the form of a line drawing.

For the minimalists among you, who’d love to commemorate the love for their pets without going overboard with colours and keeping the minimalist look with the other decors in their living space, opt to go for a line drawing that looks like an animal portrait painting.
animal portrait paintings

These are just some of the ways that you can try to create creative dog portrait paintings to decorate your living spaces with by displaying the love for your pet dog.