There are some signs that help you identify pest infestation such as smelly droppings, grimy buildups, bites on fabrics etc. If you know how to identify pest infestation, you can easily get rid of them quickly. Pests not only damage your property but spread infection that is harmful for your health and your family.

The sooner you identify pest infestation in your home or kitchen, you can reach out to pest control services but before that try out these pest control tips to remove them sooner:

1. Messy buildups

Every pest leaves a different sign of their presence making a mess at places they live. Pests and bugs like dark, humid and warm places. So you need to start your search from the places that are damp and dark such as your attic or the basement.

Don’t leave any corner or gaps, along the edges of the walls, along the window sealing, under the furniture. Rats and rodents have their set ways of coming and leaving. You need to look for the trails left behind. Take all the preventive measures to save yourself from being sorry later.

2. Droppings

When you feel there are pests in your house, then look for small droppings around the area that are attractive for the pest. Pests leave behind their waste that is small and smelly.

As soon as you find droppings inside your homes, you will know what kind of pest or rodent you are dealing with.

3. Smells

Other than pests droppings, you can identify a pest by its smell. They produce different varieties of smells that are always unpleasant. It is also possible that pests carry off food to a place but leave it unfinished and then it starts to rot. If you smell something disgusting, or foul odors,it could be that piece of rotting food or it could be the smell of the dying pests and then rotting in their hideouts.

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There are some strange and unpleasant odors that you cannot quite place or identify, it means that you have the problem of infestation in your house.

4. Damaged clothings

There are pests that also feed on fabrics. Try to look for small holes or bite marks on clothings, carpets, and other fabric-based stuff that you have. Pests can make your fabric dirty with their smudged droppings and grease. Look in your fresh laundry, if it gets dirty that means the pests are roaming around closely.


If you find these signs of the pest’s presence during your search operation then you can call the pest control services. They will help you to identify what kind of pest infestation invades your house and how to get rid of them. The effective and quick way is to get help from the professionals instead of trying out the remedies and tricks for yourself.

Those tips and tricks are effective as preventive measures, that must be taken way before you find any sign of pest infestation in your house.