Moving into a new student bedroom, either in the dormitory or in other student housing, is both an exciting and stressful experience.

On a positive note, it’s the start of a new year.

You’re making progress toward your college/career goals, and you’ve just started another critical milestone.

But on the downside:

It can be stressful to make things work in a small living space, especially if you’re used to living in a large bedroom or a house with a lot of space.

Yet, there’s a tremendous upside to this, as well.

Decorating your student bedroom can be a terrific way to personalize your living space. It can also set you up for a great, inspiring year of classes, progress, and success.

Of course, this should be an exciting chapter of your life. You’re on your own, you’ve got your own place, and you’re doing your own thing.

Well, now it’s time to make that student bedroom entirely your own. And in this post, you’re going to learn five hacks that you can use to decorate it to make it better than ever.

Here’s to making the upcoming school year the best year you’ve ever had!


1. Create a ‘Cozy Corner’

Your bedroom is your own personal space. So why not create a corner where you can curl up with a good book, relax, and settle in?

Get a big comfortable chair, loveseat, couch, hammock, bean bag, or any cozy seating option, and set it in the corner.

You don’t have to overthink this one. Anything fluffy and comfortable will do.

Next, pile some pillows on it.

Then, drape a few blankets over it that you can use to curl up with and get cozy. As a finishing touch, consider setting a bookshelf beside it and putting some books on the shelf.

As an alternative, you could set up a small coffee table or end table, stack a few books on it, and also use it as a place to set your hot cocoa or specialty coffee.

Are you looking for a cozy spot to curl up in during those cold winter months?

Then, this is a decor addition to your dorm room that’ll contribute to your happiness and help you to ‘cozy up’ on demand.

Who doesn’t like to be warm and comfortable, right?

2. Use a Tapestry As Your Headboard

This one is a simple decoration hack that’ll give you a tremendous amount of control over the vibe of your room.

It doesn’t matter which type of headboard your bed already has (if it even has one). Buy yourself a tapestry that you love, and hang it behind your bed — either over your headboard or in place of one if you don’t have one.

The great thing about this decoration hack is that it’s completely customizable. You can even switch out tapestries if you get tired of the first one.

Tapestries are easy to hang up. You can even get a friend or two to help you eyeball it to make sure that it’s level.

Plus, buying tapestries tends to be pretty affordable. So this one won’t even force you to dig deep into your purse or wallet.

It’s a super stylish fix to a drab room with dull-colored walls.

3. Hang a Chalkboard on the Wall & Get Creative

Are you an art student, a diehard goal setter, or someone who likes eclectic decor?

If so, hanging a giant chalkboard in your student bedroom can give you more options for making your space look unique.

If you’re a goal setter, you can write your weekly goals on it. If you’re an artist, get some different colored chalk and just start creating.

Whatever your ‘thing’ is, this decor option will give you the power to completely customize your room in a style that’s unique to you.

You can even invite your friends (or a date) over to draw/color on it with you.

4. Go Big With One or More Big Mirrors

Few things say ‘luxury’ like a gigantic mirror.

And by gigantic, we mean oversized or larger. 

Of course, ordering a mirror that size online will cost you a pretty penny. And to be super honest, they’re not that cheap at the retail stores, either.

But the good part of this hack is that you can usually find large mirrors at thrift stores, secondhand shops, or even at garage sales on the cheap.

Not finding anything in those locations?

Check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to continue your search.

A large, full-body mirror gives you the ability to ‘bedazzle’ your room and make it look fancy. But it also offers you another obvious added benefit — checking out your outfits before heading out on the town with your friends.

Plus, these mirrors work well with unique lighting, as they reflect colors and, in general, create an exciting vibe.

It’s an absolute win, win, win.

Speaking of unique lighting…

5. Light It Up With Some Creative, Colorful LEDs

LED lights are fun, inexpensive to buy, and easy to install. And yet, some of the effects that you can create with them are truly breathtaking.

Nothing quite says ‘exciting’ like a room that’s lit up with strategically placed, colored LED lights.

This one is a tough decor hack to get wrong.

All you need to do is buy lights that you like, in colors that you enjoy. Then, take some time to set them up in your room to accent the current decor and furniture.

Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on how to use LEDs to the fullest decorative advantage.

You can’t go wrong with this one.


There you have it.

Five hacks to decorate your student bedroom in a way that’ll make it ‘pop,’ stand out, and make your next year at college memorable.

There’s one more piece of advice you need to hear.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Enjoy your college years, learn as much as you can, and have some fun along the way.

Now get out there and get decorating!


Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Grove at Lubbock to help them with their online marketing.