All over the world, there is a reliance on the use of electricity. Also, there are possible safety hazards in any home, factory, or office. For this reason, it is best to ensure that you maintain safety measures for everyone around the home or office. Fortunately, these electrical hazards can be reduced or eliminated by taking the right steps to eliminate any potential dangers. Seek the assistance of a qualified electrician in Charlotte North Carolina to help you have a hazard-free home. Below are 5 electrical hazards found in the home.

1. Poor wiring

Ensure that in your space you have quality wiring as it conforms to the safety standards. Poor wiring increases the chances of fire, arc faults, power surges, and other electric dangers.

Therefore, avoid DIY electrical jobs and get a professional to do the wiring in your house. When you have cracked, damaged, and worn electric wires, they increase the chances of electrical dangers.

So, ensure that you get a master electrician to check your wires often to ensure that your wiring is safe. Some of the hazards to look out for, include overheated wires, electrical wires that have been chewed by rodents, improper connections, pierced wire insulation that occurs when a chair leg sits on an extension wire, among others.

Electrician electrical hazards

2. Covered electrical wires

Did you know that a heavy covering of wires can cause the cords to overheat? Plus, it can be the cause of an electrical fire. Thus, ensure you keep your wires and cords uncovered and away from other items.

Importantly, ensure that items like televisions and computers have enough space for ventilation to prevent them from overheating.

Additionally, ensure you have dry hands before touching electrical switches, switch off and unplug appliances, and keep the wires away before cleaning your room. Also, ensure that you check for faulty switches and frayed cords regularly.

3. Inquisitive children

Most toddlers and young babies are extremely inquisitive. Because of this, you need to ensure that your home is a safe space from electrical hazards. Take extra measures to protect your children, even though it is better to supervise them, it is still best to put measures in place.

For instance, replace any electrical outlet that is within reach for them with extra safe PowerPoints.

Also, put socket protectors to prevent them from putting their fingers and sharp objects into the socket as it can lead to serious injury.


4. Light bulbs

Many people do not think of lightbulbs as electrical hazards. However, the potential for an electrical fire can rise when the light bulbs are near flammable materials. For instance, materials like drapes, beds, plastics, and any other items like upholstery.

And lights, similar to other sources of electricity, can cause electric shock. For this reason, ensure the light switch is always off before you replace a light bulb. Also, avoid touching a light switch or light bulb with wet hands. Plus, ensure that use a bulb with the proper wattage to prevent overheating.

5. Water

Water and electricity are not a good mix. Therefore, outlets close to kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas that have water present should be at a fair distance from the water source. Since water conducts electricity, reduce the chances of an electric shock by keeping outlets away from the water.

Similarly, do not handle electrical appliances with wet hands as this can easily cause an electric shock. Yet, many people reach for their hairdryers with wet hands out from the shower.

Another way that water is a hazard, is when you pour water on electrical fires, this is a common error when an electrical fire occurs. Not only does this cause electrocution, but it fuels the fire further.

To conclude, the above electrical hazards can arise in any home or office. It is therefore vital that you have a fire extinguisher as a precaution in case of any electrical fires. Other things, like extension cords, are also hazards that people assume.

If they are not carefully fixed in place, they can cause tripping and accidents too. Call in professional electricians to help you with electrical work around the home, as DIY electrical jobs are not quality work that you can rely on.