Energy consumers want to make their homes more energy-efficient, but it can be frustrating to identify where to begin. Although, it is satisfying to know that every little alteration can make a difference in how you save energy at home.

According to Utility Bidder, residential electricity consumption accounts for approximately 30% of all of the electricity produced in the UK, and substantially curtailing residential energy consumption can help to lower utility bills and reduce carbon emissions. Let’s look at some of the top tips to save money on your energy bills.

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Move Your Couch

This might be a straightforward question but, is your settee in front of the radiator? Having a couch, or any other piece of furniture, right in front of the radiator means that you’re heating upholstery instead of heating the whole room.

The setting of the room might be esthetically pleasing right now, but there is no harm in moving furnishings away from the radiator even if it is a few inches, just do it.  This way your heating system will not have to waste all that extra energy just to heat furniture, before heating the rest of your room.

How to Boost your Energy Levels & Why

Insulating Water Heaters

Some properties have hot water tanks that have been haphazardly installed without the proper insulation or lagging. First of all, this results in a delay for the hot water to reach the water faucets in the house.

More importantly, there is a huge loss of energy which is used by the water heater to heat the water and the pipes all the way up to the taps in the house. Get proper insulation and lagging installed for your water heater and pipes at the beginning of the month, to make a comparison of the savings you can make with the previous month. Use water heater installation San Diego services to get optimal energy saving results.

Features Of Energy Saving LEDs

incandescent LED light bulb

Some people will never purchase a single LED just because they cost two or maybe three times the average light bulb. They fail to understand that an LED is up to 10 times longer-lasting than a traditional light bulb.

In the span of its lifetime, an LED can help save up to £50 or more in energy costs. In this way, the initial cost of the LED is justified and an added advantage is that the light from an LED does not strain the eyes as much as a traditional light bulb.

Methodically Using Blinds & Curtains

Curtains and blinds are not just to keep prying neighbors at bay but they can also be used to keep the house warm. Open the blinds or curtains at the break of dawn to let in sunlight and warmth. Close them just before sunset so that your home remains warm and cosy throughout the night.

Switch It Off!


Do not leave the lights on in rooms that are not occupied by anyone. This is especially true for the radiator, bathroom lights, and television screen that nobody is watching. Consumers can save energy at home by up to £15 in a year simply by switching off unwanted lights and appliances. Another benefit of doing this is that some appliances will actually last longer because they have been properly switched off when they are not in use.