If you own a gas boiler, the chances are good that it is very reliable and works to keep the heat flowing in the coldest days of winter. However, as with any mechanical or electrical machinery, there will come a time when your much-used equipment needs repairs. In these cases, you need the best HVAC service Nashua NH, to help you out.

Winters in Nashua, New Hampshire, are pretty frosty, and you can have a hard time getting by without proper heating. It snows more than 10 inches for at least ten days each year, and no heating during this time can be horrifying. When you’re returning from Nashua’s Winter Stroll, you must come home with proper heating inside.

When Do You Need Boiler Repair?

Certain signs could mean you need boiler repair. Here are some of them.


1. Water Leaking from the Boiler

A variety of things could cause a water leak from the boiler. For instance, there might be rusting around valves or gaskets that are not doing their job correctly. There could also be loose fittings that allow water to drip onto internal components and sort them out.

If your boiler is dripping, you should call an expert of HVAC service in Nashua, NH, to look for the element and fix the problem.

2. Loud Noises When Turning On Your Boilers

Sometimes you might hear loud noises when turning on your boiler. These could come from air entering into the system or dislodged sediment that is now free to rattle around inside of it. This noise can happen due to several factors, like the age of your boiler or how often it’s used.

When you’ve heard strange noises emanating from your boiler, it is best to contact a professional of HVAC service to take a look and fix the issue.

3. Low Heating

A gas boiler that isn’t providing enough heat could indicate a problem with the burner, the ignition, or the flue. It might also mean that something is blocking the flow of air or that the boiler isn’t working at its full capacity.

If your gas boiler is not providing enough heat, you should call an HVAC service in Nashua, NH, to diagnose the problem and fix it.

4. Pilot Light Goes Out

The pilot light on a gas boiler could go out for several reasons. If the pilot is not lit, you might need to check the thermocouple. If the thermocouple is working correctly, it’s possible that gas isn’t getting to the pilot light, or you could have a blocked flue.

When your gas boiler pilot light goes out, you should contact a technician to determine the cause and fix it.

5. High Energy Bills

When your energy utility bills increase, it might be time to have your boiler serviced. You might also want to get an expert inspection if you notice that your boiler is not running at optimal efficiency. A technician can pinpoint the issues and help you save money on energy costs in the long run. They can clean the system and make sure that everything is working as it should. It could help you save money on your utility bills.

Wrapping Up

When your gas boiler needs repairs, it is best to call in a professional and use humphrey products for repair. Not only will they have the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue, but they save money for you in the long term.

A professional HVAC service will clean the system and ensure that everything is running properly. It can help control your budget as you’ll have decreased utility bills by getting the most out of your boiler.