Summer is quickly approaching and that means you will need your air conditioning to help keep you cool, day in and out. Keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently is very important and it might be time for a service call.

Keep reading to learn some of the top 7 warning signs that it’s time for some air repair.

Air conditioning repair

1. Blowing Warm Air

If you have noticed a change in your air conditioning from blowing out cold air to warm air, that is a big sign that you are in need of some maintenance. Before making the call, do some quick troubleshooting to make sure there isn’t a simple solution, such as the thermostat being set to cool.

You should also check your air filter and see if it needs changing. Your air filter should be changed at least once every four months. The dirt, dust, and debris will build-up on the filter blocking the airflow into your home.

2. Constantly Running

You might need aircon servicing if you’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit is constantly kicking off and then kicking back on. Your AC unit should generally have consistent intervals between turning on and turning off. If you have started to notice that this is constant, with no real breaks in between, then it is time to call your technician.

Not only is the constant running bad for your unit but it will also lead to a higher electric bill since your home isn’t being cooled efficiently. If you are having this issue, your AC unit might just need a tune-up or it might be a sign that you are in need of a new air conditioner.

3. Humidity Levels

If you live in an area that has hot summer months, with high humidity, it is a welcome relief to escape it indoors. If you notice that it is also humid inside your home then this is an issue. Your air conditioner should be moderating the humidity levels inside to help keep you and your family comfortable.

If your AC unit is struggling to maintain these moisture levels then you might need a repair. Your service technician should be able to diagnose the issue with your unit, it might just need to be re-calibrated. You may also discover that your home would benefit from having a dehumidifier for your whole home.

4. Poor Airflow

Another sign that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly is poor airflow. There might be a blockage in the ducts that is preventing the air from moving through the ductwork in your home or a clogged air filter. There may also be a more serious problem such as a broken fan motor.

If you’ve noticed that your home has insufficient airflow then you may want to consider adding an energy-recovery ventilator. These ventilators will help your air conditioner by giving it a boost and exchanging the amount of stale air with fresh air during each system cycle. You might also want to consider the addition of a zoning system. This system can give areas that are struggling with an increase in airflow and will help cool down areas in your home that need it the most.

5. Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors coming from your home’s AC system is a sign that there is an issue. Before it gets worse you should call your denver air conditioning repair technician to come and investigate what the issue might be. Generally, after a diagnostic, you might learn that your AC unit needs a tune-up, a complete cleaning session, or it is possible it needs a more technical solution.

If your AC unit is suffering from microbial growth they might need to use an ultraviolet lamp to eliminate the bacteria. This, plus a thorough cleaning of the duct system will help solve any odor issues your system might be developing.

6. Leaking

The air conditioning system uses refrigerant to help cool your home down. This refrigerant may produce some condensation while it is operating, but this coolant or water should not pool or leak into your home.

If you have either of these occurring than this is a sign that something isn’t working correctly in your unit. It might be something minor, such as a blockage in the drainpipe that helps bring the condensation away from your air conditioner. This blockage can begin as a minor issue and turn into something more such as flooding if the handler is inside your home, or encourage the growth of mold.

Do not delay calling a service technician to your home if you are experiencing a leak in your AC unit from ac repair plano companies. Leaks and pooling liquids can create further damage in your home and may lead to severe structural damage if not addressed quickly.

7. Weird Noises

It is normal to hear your air conditioner kick on and make noises as it gets started and then again as it kicks off. You can usually hear a low humming noise or the whir of the cooling fan spinning. However, if you hear any sudden, unusual, or loud noises there might be an issue with your AC unit.

There are some sounds that might be an indication of a problem with your unit. Such as rattling, buzzing, or clanging that might indicate that a part has come loose inside. If you hear any grinding or whistling, this can be a sign that there is a much more serious problem.

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These are the 7 most common signs that your air conditioning system is in need of air repair. If your system is experiencing any of these issues then don’t delay and call your service technician as soon as possible.

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