For the perfect mancave, you wanna place where you can relax and just be yourself. A place that is uniquely yours. To get there you are going to want to consider 4 key factors in getting your mancave off the ground and turned into your very own slice of heaven.

1. The bare bones: Is structural work needed?

2. Purpose: What do you want to use your man cave for?

3. Furniture: You don’t want to be sitting on cardboard boxes after all.

4. Decor: Get creative with how you style your cave to make it truly your own.

So let’s get to it.

The Bare Bones

Number one on our list is turning it from an unloved room to a primo relaxation spot. If you are converting a spare room the good news is that you probably won’t need to do much work before getting to decorating. However, if you are planning on turning a basement or shed into your hideaway consider how to make it liveable. An electricity supply is a pretty big necessity so find out options for wiring up your space. If you are planning on lots of appliances like game systems, margarita makers, mini fridges and waffle makers check that they won’t overload your fuse box when you inevitably turn them all on at once.

Heating is another important factor to think on. Basements can be damp, sheds can be very cold. An electric radiator could be a quick fix. You don’t need to plumb it in, you simply plug it in and you’ll be warm in no time. Check out the range available from Trade Radiators for some super slick designs.

Lastly, lighting is an important factor to consider. Don’t just stick with a nasty, glaring overhead light. Give some thought to more inventive solutions like wired in LED strips and funky feature lamps that give you options so you can always set the tone of the room.


Man Cave

Now that you have a liveable space it is time to make it functional. What are your plans for this magical man cave? Some people want it to be a haven of relaxation in which case you might want to invest in some soundproofing to keep the clatter of the kids at bay. For others it is going to be gaming and entertainment central. That all important electricity supply will be vital, as is a strong wall to mount your massive TV on. Factoring in a bar wouldn’t hurt either. If you are the crafty type then a workshop aesthetic could be your dream. Ventilation will be important if your plan is to whip up handcrafted furniture, tackle DIY projects or even paint models.


Now that you have a plan it’s time to bring in the furniture. If you are on a tight budget check the rest of the house to see if anything can be repurposed. Not only will you keep spending on track, but you’ve just removed clutter from elsewhere in the house- it’s a win-win situation. On a similarly frugal note, second hand shops and Facebook marketplace can be the ideal place to pick up good furniture for less. Make a wish list of your most needed items and then go on the hunt for it. Don’t forget you can always upcycle things that you find to put your own spin on it. At the very least you will want somewhere comfy to sit, somewhere to store and display bits and pieces, a table of some sort be it a coffee table or something bigger and then any items specific to the cave purpose. i.e a TV mount, workbench or bar.

If you are not constrained by a budget, lucky you! Have fun shopping but still make a list so you can start with what you need rather than blowing all your cash on things that you want.


Last, but by no means least, is decor. This is where you can truly let your personality shine. If you are looking to create a general use man cave then stick with a fairly neutral colour pallet. Greys are a great choice at the moment- sophisticated and cool, yet they provide a great backdrop to showcase feature items. If you have a very specific purpose in mind that could help inform your colour scheme. If movie watching is high on the agenda do you want to go all out with rich dark colours to recreate a movie theatre?

Man Cave

Once there is paint on the walls it is time to bring in the things that will make the room uniquely yours. Shadow boxes are an ideal way to display things like your childhood football, limited edition models you have painstakingly hunted down or even old games controllers. Take this as an opportunity to get out in the open all those little things you have tucked away in boxes but can’t bring yourself to throw out.

To get your creative juices flowing opt for inspirational items. Quotes or mantras from your heroes could be painted directly onto the walls or you could splash out on some quality frames to display posters and images that speak to you.

Bringing some greenery into the space is another great option. If you don’t think of yourself as having a green thumb go with easy to care for options like ivy, ferns, succulents. If you really don’t trust yourself to remember to occasionally water the plants, stick with air plants. Not only can plants help improve the oxygen quality of a space but they will keep your space that bit fresher. In fact, herbs like rosemary and mint are good options. They are easy to care for, look good and will keep any stale beer smells at bay.

Keep these 4 steps in mind when you start planning the man cave of your dreams and you’ll be guaranteed to have a spot that makes all your mates jealous. Just don’t blame me if your family starts complaining that they hardly see you anymore.