When it comes to winter accessories, blankets are one of the essential items that one needs during the winters. There are different kinds of blankets available in the market today, but out of all the types, Korean blankets or mink blankets are highly sought after worldwide.

These blankets are not only warm, but they are plush and stylish as well. Once you start using a mink or Korean blanket, you will not feel comfortable using any other type of blanket.

Contrary to popular belief, these mink blankets are not made from the fur of the animal minks, but they are made from acrylic fibers and have become one of the most popular bedding items in Korea and China.

What are Korean Blankets?

Korean blankets, often referred to as Mink Blankets, are known for their luxurious feel and low maintenance. Contrary to their name, they are not made from mink fur but are woven from rich Acrylic fibers in a way that mimics the feel of mink fur. A small percentage of Polyester is also used in their construction to prevent easy wrinkling and pilling.

These blankets are commonly manufactured in China, Korea, and Vietnam, but the ones originating from South Korea are considered superior due to their blend of Acrylic and Polyester. This blend makes the blanket plush, silky, and resistant to wrinkling. They are available in different colors and designs, catering to a varied audience

It has an ultra-soft textured fabric that also gives a luxurious feel and can help spruce up the room’s interior while being cozy enough for the winters.

But, if you own a mink blanket, it is important to know how to wash and dry a mink blanket. Knowing the proper way to wash the product will ensure the longevity of the blanket.

Here is a three-step guide that will help you wash your Korean mink blankets well.


1. Get Rid of the Dirt

Over time the blanket can gather a lot of dirt and dust in its thick layer, which can particularly cause trouble for people with allergies.

So, even if you end up washing your blanket or not, you must occasionally remove the dust from the upper layer of the blanket.

While you can use some tools and equipment, simply wagging the blanket will do the job. However, you must ensure that you use ample force to wag the blanket.

If you are planning to clean the blanket, it is essential to eliminate the dirt for proper cleaning since dirt can get stuck into the fine layers of the acrylic fibers.

2. Wash in a Machine

Once you are sure that the mink blanket is free from dust, you must put them into the washer. But, keep in mind that if you have a large double bed blanket with two-ply mink, then your washing machine at home might not be able to handle the task.

In such a case, you must take the blanket to a laundromat to clean it properly in a commercial-grade washing machine.

When washing the blankets at home, ensure to take proper precautions as per the specification of the blankets. Since most Korean blankets are made from acrylic fibers, it is best to use a detergent that does not contain any chlorine, bleach, or fabric conditioner as they might harm the blanket.

If you use a harsh detergent, the blanket might lose its softness. Also, it is best to wash the blankets using only cold water as it will not harm the dye on the blanket.

Keep in mind to set the washing machine to a delicate or gentle setting.

3. Drying the Blanket

Since Korean blankets are made from acrylic and polyester, you must not dry them under direct sunlight.

So, after rinsing the blanket, you can put them on a clothesline. However, mink blankets can get very heavy when wet.

If you are using a washing machine to dry, use a tumble dry setting, and ensure you have chosen a no-heat option, or the fibers can melt.

Follow this quick guide to wash and dry your mink blankets. For more information, you must also read the care instructions for the blanket.