Artificial grass is a very efficient alternative that avoids the chores of constantly watering and pruning the garden or any other space that requires it. It is a product that imitates the look and feel of natural grass, and does not require excessive maintenance or investment to keep it looking green and shiny.

Having a nice, neat and tidy garden is a task that requires a lot of work. Maintaining a lawn at the right height can be complicated, especially if you are looking to decorate public places such as restaurants, event spaces, among others.

Maintaining a natural lawn is not only complicated, but also costly. It needs to be watered, mowed and fertilised on a regular basis, as well as using water, which not only affects the environment, but also your wallet. Artificial grass is the answer to this problem.


Artificial grass was originally developed for use in sports. Maintaining the grass on football pitches was very difficult, and when it came to playing in the rain, the mud prevented the players from performing properly. To solve this problem, artificial grass was developed: a way of always keeping the pitches fit for playing.

Today, artificial grass is still used in football and similar sports, but the variety of areas where it is applied is extremely diverse. Many people use it in their own homes so that they do not have to water and mow their garden, due to lack of time or for convenience. In addition, it prevents household pets from getting mud on the lawn.

Artificial grass can be installed in homes, terraces, event spaces, urban areas, sports stadiums, gyms, among many other places. It is an alternative that leaves the area decorated in a clean way, while also being in good condition all the time, no matter what the conditions are.

Advantages of artificial grass

A good quality artificial grass, properly installed, offers a variety of advantages over natural grass. The main benefit is the minimal maintenance required, the significant savings in water, time and money compared to conventional grass.

Artificial grass is also much more hygienic. Thanks to it, it is possible to say goodbye to some unpleasant smells of natural grass, as well as avoiding the existence of soil and mud. Moreover, there is no need to contaminate the soil with fertilisers or other chemicals.

Artificial grass is much more durable than natural grass. It is always weatherproof, as it will look just as beautiful in extreme cold, hot sunshine and even in rainy and icy conditions. Some models, the higher quality ones, are even resistant to ultraviolet rays and chlorine in swimming pools.

The green colour can be appreciated all year round, regardless of the season, and with minimal maintenance. It is for this reason that artificial grass is ideal for decoration and gardening purposes, as the aesthetics achieved will be maintained at all times regardless of date or time.

It is important to mention that, if a good quality product is purchased, artificial grass can look and feel identical to natural grass. The comfort of walking on it will increase, and it is also safer due to its flame-retardant and anti-allergenic properties.

Artificial grass can even be installed indoors, making it an exciting option for those looking to decorate a room or event room in an original and different way. However, it is most commonly used outdoors.

The only downside some people find in artificial grass is that it may seem more expensive at first, as the original installation may seem expensive when compared to installing natural grass. However, considering the care and maintenance that is avoided with artificial grass, you will realise that in the long run, this is a smarter investment. You can enjoy a clean and aesthetically pleasing lawn without having to change and maintain it frequently.