The bedroom is your sacred space. It brings comfort and peace, no matter how hectic the outside world has become. This has especially been true since the pandemic, when people were forced to spend more time at home and in their bedrooms, seeking solace.

More individuals learned to invest in their rooms as they realized how it helps separate stress and work from their lives. Buying new sheets, pillows, blackout blinds, and adding greenery are among the many ways one can turn their bedrooms into a personal sanctuary. If you’re seeking to do the same, another bedroom essential you should think of is a new mattress.

The perfect mattress is the foundation of restful sleep, making it an item worth splurging for. Finding your suitable match makes all the difference, so you shouldn’t take mattress shopping too lightly! To help you in your search, we’ve listed down what you should consider when looking for a new bed.

3 Things to Know When Buying a New Mattress


Mattresses greatly vary in price depending on what model you are looking at. And since there are many options on the market, it’s going to be more challenging to decide which is best for you. A great way to narrow your choices and avoid unnecessary expenses is by setting a budget.

According to Sleep Foundation, mattress prices typically range from $250 to over $3,000. The cheapest beds are usually smaller in size and are made of basic materials like foam. On the other hand, luxury beds use high-end materials. A hybrid California king, for example, is more expensive than most models due to its materials and size.

Apart from those factors, other things that affect bed prices are shipping and setup costs, accessories, and warranty policies. Hence, if you want to get a good deal from your purchase, you should pay attention to every detail.


Another aspect you should consider when buying a new bed is its size. Knowing which size to get is not only useful when you are planning for your bedroom’s interior design, but it also ensures that you get a mattress that you feel comfortable sleeping in every night. There are six sizes that most brands come in with: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Most people opt for queen-sized beds as it provides ample space for couples.  Alternatively, if you intend to have a child or a teen sleep on the mattress, a twin bed is most suitable. Just keep in mind that children grow very quickly, so getting them a bed that they can grow comfortably into will save you more money in the long run.


Gone are the days when innerspring beds were all you could choose on the market. Now, there are different types like foam, hybrid, latex, and airbed. No mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, so you should determine what you need before hitting the store.

For those who wake up with aches and pains and want to relieve pressure from their joints, check out mattress specifically designed for back pain. They are comfortable, isolate motion, and can contour your body. If you’re looking for bouncier options, you can choose between latex and innerspring beds instead.

Since all types have their benefits and downsides, the best thing you can do is do your research. For starters, you can look up the best mattress models online to help you with your decision.

Trial Period

If you’re shopping online, you should know that mattress companies offer at-home sleep trials that allow you to buy the product, sleep on it for a particular period, and return it if you find it unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, not enough customers take the time to read and understand the trial period policies of their purchases.

To check whether your bed has a good policy,  you should determine the length of its trial period. Also, be on the lookout for hidden fees and difficult returns. Not all companies offer a full monetary refund too, so ensure that you clarify the matter beforehand.

Online or In-Store?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can now opt to shop online instead of visiting the stores in person. Buying a mattress online is more convenient as it saves you time and money. Moreover, you also have more options since you can view as many models as you want.

However, you can never be too certain of the quality of the bed unless you try it yourself. Choosing to purchase a mattress in-store allows you to test the mattress for comfortability. Plus, the delivery will be quicker since retailers provide movers to deliver your purchase to your home. In the end, both ways have their pros and cons, and the decision is all up to you.


Your bed is the star of your bedroom. To ensure that you get the best sleeping experience, you should invest in a good mattress. With the five considerations listed above, you’ll be more confident when searching for your perfect bed.