It is important to consider all of your options before planting grass. Whether you realize it or not, there are a few different ways to add a lawn to your yard and each have their own unique benefits.

First, you have the option to lay grass seed. This traditional method involves sewing dry seed and is the most cost-effective.  The second is hydroseeding. This technique involves the planting of a slurry of seed and mulch. It’s a quicker but trickier option that is typically used on construction sites.

Today, many homeowners prefer to go with Sod farms. This option offers several unique benefits. Read on as we break them down to help you determine if laying sod is actually the best option for you.

Instant Results – A Lush Green Garden Right Away 

The biggest advantage of sod farms is that they create a lush green garden area with thick green grass immediately. Many people don’t like to wait for their grass to grow and want to see their investment immediately. While laying down dry seeds are relatively easy and also the most economical option, you’ll need to wait to use your lawn. The results aren’t always predictable either. Similarly, hydroseeding is comparatively economical, the results are a bit more predictable and it’s much quicker than traditional seed sewing. However, you’ll still need to wait for your picnic and you’ll probably still need a little extra professional help.

With sod for sale, you can enjoy an immediate yard of perfectly even, thick green grass. This can be advantageous to many consumers, especially those of you with kids or a summer filled with barbeques with your family and friends. 

Efficient – Perfectly Predictable Results

Another advantage of having sod farms is that it is relatively economical when you consider what you get. For a small investment per square foot, you’ll get an instant lawn and you don’t have to worry about trimming, maintaining, removing or cutting sod. While sod grasses are perceived as costly to some when you consider the time you’ll save, sod is reasonably cost-effective. It’s also predictable, providing a thick, even lawn with perfect results.  Check “where to buy sod near me” online and make your yard beautiful without any unnecessary waiting. 


Because of the benefits of sod, many buyers choose to go with this method. If immediate outcomes are appealing to you, consider contacting a company that is providing sod for sale today. A company can ensure that you get the beautiful lawn you want, right when you want it.

How to keep your lawn greener for longer.

Regular sod grass replacement must take place every 5-6 years, with proper garden care. For many people, the DIY plan is daunting and it can be easier, and in the long run more cost-effective, to hire an expert.  Some people will spend just as much on the costly chemicals of a DIY plan as they would on a trained service. Sod Farm experts can help people out in such situations. An expert service provider will pride themselves on the work they do for your lawn – no matter what type of grass it is. The experts also take the time to provide care and a maintenance guide to help you keep your lawn looking green, fresh, rich, and alive. If it is time for a sod grass replacement, contact the experts! They will bring your lawn back to life.