Buying or renting an apartment in new buildings has significant advantages over housing in the secondary market. If you value a developed infrastructure and new technologies, take a look at new homes in Yulee. Everyone can find the perfect apartment in this city. Residential complexes offer a variety of options from studio apartments to five-bedroom apartments. For people who cannot imagine their life in a condominium, luxury townhouses or single-family houses are suitable. If that’s your option, check out Charles Cove Davenport. The following amenities await you here:

• All houses and apartments are equipped with the Smart Home system;

• The property is located in a picturesque place with lots of greenery;

• The management company provides comprehensive care of the local area;

• Options with 3-5 bedrooms are available;

• There is a swimming pool in the yard of each house.

Now let’s get back to the apartment sizes topic. Have you wondered what size apartment do i need? The answer depends on many factors.

Blinds for Your Home Bedroom

Absolutely every person has a need for personal space. We need physical and moral rest, the opportunity to retire and be alone with ourselves. It’s good when all these points can be completed at home without resorting to finding your place.

Individual zone

As it has become fashionable in modern interiors, doors are now being replaced with arches, and walls with screens and visual partitions. Nevertheless, psychologists assure that for a balanced mental state we need residential personalization, that is, the presence of our own individual zone in the apartment. Therefore, in a one-person apartment, this approach is justified. And only in those cases, if you do not plan to often invite guests with an overnight stay.

The psychological state of the family

If you have young children, then having their own room does not mean that they may be separated or alienated from the family. On the contrary, they should have personal space to grow up and appreciate the prospect of communication and spending time with their family. This applies to every family member. This possibility of isolation allows you to establish relationships in the house and bring the psychological state of the family back to normal. As statistics show, people who did not have their own personal space grow up to be socialophobes and deeply introverts. Therefore, we must ensure the most comfortable development for ourselves and our children.

This does not mean that everyone should definitely invest all their money in buying a big apartment. But apartment dimensions strongly influence the way of life. During a pandemic, it has become extremely important that you and your family feel comfortable not going outside for a long time.

Of course, to calculate the footage when buying an apartment, you must take into account your long-term residence in it. Are you planning children? Will your parents come to you and where to place your long-awaited mother-in-law?

Perfect option

Of course, in order to take into account all the points, the house must necessarily have:

• Your own room;

• Guest;

• Hall;

• Kitchen;

• Study;

• Rooms for children.

If the number of bedrooms exceeds 5, a minimum of 2 bathrooms is required.

Shared space

For the correct psychological approach to placing family members in an apartment, spouses should have their own, separate room. One room is also acceptable for children of the same sex. If, after a series of girls, you finally have a boy, congratulations, but he, as psychologists advise, will need a separate room.


The most important indicator of the coziness and comfort of your apartment is still its inhabitants. When buying a new apartment, consider your character and prospects for family life. Perhaps you need to wait and buy a bigger apartment, or perhaps your two-room apartment is waiting for you right now.