The advancements in modern technology brought about numerous inventions that pave the way for a more convenient and comfortable household. More and more homes nowadays are being upgraded into smart homes that are not only energy efficient, but environmentally friendly too. The features of most appliances have been revolutionized to be able to adapt to this upgrade, and this includes the functionality of standard fans. To delve further into this, here is how technology is changing the way fans work.

ceiling fan

App Controlled

Different types of fans can be controlled by a remote and for the recent couple of years, this has been new. However, another innovative progress, particularly on the capabilities of a ceiling fan, is the possibility of controlling it using an app. The experts at Ceilingfanshq state that these contemporary ceiling fans can be connected through a Wi-Fi, giving you the ability to turn it off or on through your smartphone or tablet. If you need some instructions on how to configure it, or troubleshoot it as needed, you don’t have to fret about losing the user manual because it is also readily available online in PDF format.

Bladeless Design

Another modern feature of fans today is the bladeless design that is beneficial for households with small children. The bladeless design reduces the risk of your curious toddler hurting his or her finger from being cut by the blades of a fan. Nevertheless, bladeless tower fans often provide a powerful air flow because of the air multiplier technology behind it.

Shut-off Timer

Save up on your energy bill by getting a modern fan with a shut-off timer that can be programmed according to your preferences. A shut-off timer is helpful in case you intend to use the fan overnight, but decide to power it off in the wee hours of the morning when it is already colder, without having to disrupt your sleep. A shut-off timer is also a great feature in case you unintentionally leave it on after leaving your house.

Integrated Fans

If you have a rather limited space in your household, an integrated fan is perfect for you. This is because integrated fans usually come with two, three, or even four fans in a single stand. However, you have the capability to control each of the fans integrated into a single stand separately. You can also customize the air flow of each of the fans, which typically offer different cooling levels. Often, the noise generated by the fans is minimum at lower speeds. However, they can be quite noisy if all the fans in the integrated unit are used at the same time.

Speed Options

There are fans nowadays that offer even up to ten different speed options. Alongside the speed, contemporary fans are also quieter, allowing you to rest better. However, the fans that have these superb features often come with a hefty price.

ceiling fan

In this modern day and age, fans can already be remote controlled. But if this is not innovative enough, fans can now be controlled through an app, which is greatly appropriate for a smart home. There are also other features such as a bladeless or integrated design, a shut-off timer, as well as multiple speed options which are all beneficial.