Adding a wooden floor to the outer space or deck of your house is very common in Australia. It not only enhances the appearance of your house but also adds to its value to a great extent. Decking seems to be easy but there are many issues to be considered before investing in it. They include, where to get the best decking material from, how to choose the best material, the best suppliers, and brand to suit your project, etc. If you are looking for quality suppliers contact QualityDiscountTimberMelbourne. They specialize in flooring products at affordable prices of good quality Timber Decking Melbourne.

If you want dependable discount priced flooring order now and enjoy services all the year-round. There are many alternatives to decking such as Composite decking, Plastic decking, Aluminium decking, Fabric Cement decking but Timber decking is still considered as the best and the most popular option in Melbourne. As soon as the summer season approaches the local residents’ dream of enjoying, bathing, playing, dining, and many other outdoor activities to make the most of the sunlight. And so they choose timber as the classic choice. However, you must ensure that you buy from a reputed Wholesale timber dealer only. Timber remains the number one option despite many other alternatives available in the market. It has some merits and demerits like other materials:-

5 Must-Have Tips on How to Design the Modern Patio of Your Dreams


  1. It is a short-term budget-friendly option depending on the type of wood you select. The cost of pressure-treated wood is very low in comparison to other decking types.
  2. It looks more natural and can provide a rustic charm when you need it. It can be stained with textures and styles in various colors and finish.
  3. It possesses a natural warmth that is not present in other options like plastic and metal.
  4. The labor cost for cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood is low.
  5. Working with timber is very easy and simple because it can be shaped, cut, and sanded without difficulty.
  6. Good quality redwood and cedar can be resistant to warping, insects, and rotting because they are less prone to these elements.
  7. Its installation cost is less, its flexibility makes rearrangement and cutting easy for a new style or setup.
  8. Some hardwood decking materials can even last for 40+ years, and they need very low upkeep.


  1. Low-quality timber has a short life span. It can stain, scratch, crack or even splinter, if not maintained properly.
  2. Its annual maintenance of painting and staining adds to the cost of decking. Its cleaning and resealing results in expensive upkeep. If the boards get damaged due to bad weather, their replacement may consume your lot of time.
  3. More durable hardwood material means more cost and labor. Its pre-drilling and made to measure design can increase the cost of labor and design both.
  4. It involves cutting down trees, hence not preferred by eco-friendly customers.

Conclusion:- Therefore, after studying all about timber decking, its utility, pros and cons, it is suggested that whenever you need to hire suppliers for your project make sure that you contact the right people, who can serve you with a good quality product. They are reputed, skilled craftsmen who can provide you decking material at a discounted rate.