Interior rendering has become the new go-to for interior designers and with good reason. Using 3D rendering makes it easier for a designer to showcase their ideas and it gives a client an immersive experience that is like no other.

If you are a designer wanting to know more about this effective designing tool, here is a guide to interior 3D rendering and the many benefits it provides.

What Is 3D Rendering?

Interior 3D rendering is the process of taking an idea of a home or a commercial space and using interior design rendering software to digitally create a photorealistic image of the space. Interior designers use 3D rendering to bring their ideas to life and show a client a real representation of what a completed space will look like.

There are many benefits to using 3D rendering. If you are wondering if 3D rendering is for you, here are 4, main benefits.

1. Perfect Lighting

A major component of a quality photograph is the lighting. If the lighting is not right, the photograph is not as effective as it could be. With 3D rendering, you can control the lighting and make it perfect every time without having to rely on natural lighting conditions or complex photography lighting systems.

2. 100% Accuracy

3D interior design renderings are accurate and precise. You can enter exact room dimensions, as well as more sophisticated dimensions, such as the width of a window and the distance between pieces of furniture.

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This amount of accuracy and precision means the design you create in your software will look the same in a real-life space.

3. Easy To Explain

A fundamental of an interior designer’s communication with the client is the interior design presentations. Explaining your vision and ideas to a client directly impacts their ability to envision what you have prepared for them.

If a client does not fully understand the concept, he or she is not going to sign off on the project, leading to changes, revisions and more confusion in general.

With 3D rendering, most of the burden of explaining your vision is taken away because you can show photorealistic renderings of your designs and a full, virtual tour experience.

You can rotate the view and show every square inch of the space from your rendering software.

4. Easy To Edit

Unlike the traditional hand-drawn sketches, an interior design render is easy to edit, even when you are making major changes to a space. The changes are also available immediately for the client to view.

The ease of editing saves valuable time and does not affect the timeline of the project.

Using 3D software is cost-effective because you can make changes at any time during the project just by editing your rendering. From there, you can get the approval to make the changes in real life, avoiding a lot of unnecessary back-and-forths.

There Are Many Benefits Of Interior Rendering

Using a 3D interior design rendering software comes with many benefits for both you and your client. You will find the process of designing and presenting your designs smoother, faster and more effective overall.

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