Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets face a lot of depreciation due to overuse. The knobs of the sliding drawers are found missing and sometimes the cabinet front face gets loosened from the hinges. Hence, the cabinet needs a facelift to get back to their performance. Chesterfield is a small city where you can find many builders working in the field of cabinet refacing. They offer services at your doorsteps using modern technology and the latest designs. Hence, for cabinet refacing Chesterfield, Fresh Faced Cabinets, builders help their customers by offering online services which include budget consultation, video call, text, conferencing, and convenient e-mail facilities.


To transform your existing cabinets white thermal foil and dated oak-like materials are used in Chesterfield. Sometimes white shaker doors are installed to replace thermal foil doors. Molding and decorative door installation seems to be costlier, hence, painting is formulated to provide the customers with high quality and good looking cabinets. So, if you wish to give a new up lift to your cabinets , go in for kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing. It’s a simple solution to provide a facelift to the cabinet whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom. It is just a mere changing of doors, drawer fronts, and hardware without removing the entire structure. This type of renovation has some benefits

  1. Short And Simple Process:- Refacing takes less time when compared to replacing. You can facelift your cabinets in about 2 to 3 days whereas replacing is a complicated task which may consume a lot of time and money.
  2. Good for the Environment:- Refacing prevents a lot of wastage by reducing huge piles of landfills. This process does not destroy the old cabinet material hence, it becomes eco-friendly.
  3. Numerous Option:- Refacing offers various colors, style, and hardware options. If your old cabinets are in proper shape you have many options with refacing. To match your kitchen layout you can choose from walnut, maple or  mahogany for a subtle uplift. Refacing is a very economical and eco-friendly option with all kinds of better choices.
  4. Eradicates Mould and Mildew:- Refacing is a process that involves the application of fresh veneer to the cabinet boxes to remove mold and mildew. It makes the house more healthy and hygienic for homeowners. It also checks the release of contaminants in the air, making your kitchen and bathroom area germ-free.
  5. Money Saver:- The cost of refacing is just half of replacing. It’s the best option to change only the style if you are tired of looking at your old cabinets. It is a less expensive method of transforming your old, good conditioned cabinets at an affordable price.


There is no other better option than refacing if you are looking for a cabinet facelift. It’s a simple procedure that can change the entire appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. The only thing you need to focus on is to hire the best contractors, who can work up to your expectation. Contractors who are skilled and professionally trained in their craft of designing your cabinets, keeping your taste and budget in mind.

Contractors who come up with new ideas of kitchen decor and style, who are reputed to offer eco-friendly, short, and simple services with countless options in a very healthy and hygienic way.