Good quality sleep is important for health. Getting enough sleep keeps you fresh, stress-free and healthy. Although sleep is paramount for daily optimal performance, many people don’t pay enough attention to their sleep quality. Then, they wonder why their health isn’t in its best condition. If you’re not having enough quality sleep every night, it may be time for a new set of pillows.

Choosing The Right Type of Pillows

A comfortable bed and a nice cushion help in getting adequate sleep. The best sleep pillow provides support to your shoulder, neck, and head. Your body needs to lie in proper posture while sleeping and that is why you need the right type of pillow. Choosing the right pillow is tricky. You need to choose the one that adjusts to your body shape and provides support and comfort at the same time.

However, you shouldn’t simply choose any type of pillow. But you should choose something that’s suitable for your sleeping needs and preferences. Your sleeping position also comes into play when choosing the right type of pillows. If you tend to sleep on your back or stomach, which can be uncomfortable with the wrong pillows, choose specific pillows curated for back and stomach sleepers, like this special stomach sleeper pillow.

High-quality pillows are significantly more expensive, so it’s important to think about your purchase carefully. To encourage you on getting the right pillows, here are the few reasons to use the right type of pillows:

To Prevent Muscle Pain

Your pillow gives support to your shoulders and neck, maintaining your proper body position. A wrong selection of pillows can generate muscular pain as it disturbs your body position while lying and exerts more pressure on your muscles. Improper sleep will make your body exhausted and muscles painful.

To Endorse Comfortable Sleep

Proper sleep of 8 hours is recommended for adults. When your bed or pillow is uncomfortable, it affects your sleeping time period. The body doesn’t get enough rest and results in tiredness. A tired body doesn’t get along well and results in less tissue and muscle development. Bad sleep also causes different medical issues like stoutness, hypertension and coronary illness. The uncomfortable pillow does affect not only your sleep but also your breathing process.

Helps With Indigestion

When your body lies in a proper position and gets enough rest, it does its internal processes fine. Our body works better while sleeping. Good sleep with a comfortable posture helps in digestion and improves your stomach health.

Relieves Stress

With proper sleep, the body gets relaxed and we wake up fresh and lively. It keeps us healthy and motivated throughout the day. The right pillow aids proper sleep and has a good impact on our overall health. Less sleep is also linked to depression and taking enough sleep can relieve stress.

Good For Weight Loss

You might get surprised if the pillow has a connection with weight loss. A pillow has a direct link to a comfortable sleep and proper sleep aids in weight loss as it keeps our body healthy, fresh on track. Also, sleep deprivation disturbs sleep hormones. People who get enough sleep tend to eat fewer calories than those who don’t get proper sleep.

Prevents The Risk Of Heart Diseases And Stroke

Poor sleep has a major impact on heart health. Your sleep quality and duration of your sleep affects your fitness level. The bad pillow does not give you proper support and encourages episodic sleep, which increases risks of heart diseases and stroke.

When Is The Time To Choose A New Pillow?

You need to change your pillow every 18 months. Although some types of pillows like memory foam pillows get adjusted according to your body shape and last up to three years, it is better to change your pillow after a certain time period. You use a pillow for about 7-8 hours daily, so an old pillow does not provide enough support and comfort needed for the body to get sufficient sleep. Although high quality and expensive pillows last longer than inexpensive or synthetic ones, investing in a pillow is as important as investing in a good bed.

You can easily see when it is time to change your pillow. If your pillow has sweat stains, bad odor or is torn out, then it is time to get a new pillow. Your pillow has microscopic dust mites, dead skin cells, fungus and mold and all of them can trigger allergies and make your pillow uncomfortable to sleep. A pillow must get back to shape when you fold it otherwise your pillow is old enough not to provide proper support to your body. For natural pillows, drape it on your arm and see if it hangs. The synthetic pillow can be checked by putting a weight on it. After taking the weight away, if your pillow does not get back in shape, it is time to change your pillow.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Pillow?

Your choice of pillow depends on your needs. You can choose the right pillow by keeping a few things in mind. Select natural or synthetic filling according to your choice. Wool, cotton, and latex pillows are also available in the market. Choosing the right type and size of pillow that provides you with proper support along with sleep positioning gives you a comfortable sleep. Choose wisely because we spend nearly 2500 hours sleeping yearly.

proper sleep

Taking enough and proper sleep is important. As pillows play a vital role in getting satisfied and comfortable sleep so you need to invest in your bedding for your better health. Good night!