Your drains are clogged

It is common for everyone to experience a little bit of blockage on your drains every once in a while, getting hair stuck in your shower drain or food down your kitchen drain. These issues can be easily resolved yourself and is a pretty simple job for a plumber but sometimes there can be a more severe blockage than just hair.

If you keep experiencing these backups there is a bigger situation and you should call a professional plumber if this is the case. For example, your whole plumbing system could be blocked and this is a big and difficult task that only a professional plumber can fix as the proper equipment is needed.

Your water pressure is low

When you turn on your shower and the water is coming out slowly this may be a sign of your water line being rusty or the water line is being blocked by debris preventing the water from flowing through the property.

Calling a professional plumber for situations like this is probably best as it is a very difficult job to do by yourself and special tools are needed as pipes may need to be changed or cleared to help the water flow through better.


Your pipes are leaking

It is beneficial to keep good maintenance on your pipes as it can help prevent leaks and save you money from water but can also be beneficial to the planet as it helps save water. Leaky pipes are actually very difficult to repair and so a trained plumber is needed to fix this fiddly job.

If you have a leaking tap or shower head you can attempt to fix it yourself by tightening the head or tap but if the leaking continues after this you should call for professional help as there may be a bigger problem you cannot see. The plumber may need to replace the whole pipe which can be an expensive job so it is important you keep your pipes checked and in good condition to save you this expense.

Leaks can sometimes happen without you knowing, causing a lot of damage to your home slowly requiring you to call for a plumber and can often be expensive to repair the pipes but also the damage of your home and furniture etc. Plumbers Westwood is a good company that can assist all your plumbing needs and issues.

You have no hot water

You should always call a plumber if the hot water isn’t working in your home as hot water is a very important part of your daily lifestyle and can be quite an inconvenience if it is broken.

Your hot water may not be working due to a fault in your water tank or due to sediment buildup which absorbs the heat from your water, making it cold. If you’re not an experienced plumber it is hard to tell what the issue is or how to fix it.