Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics. It is soft and smooth and is a luxury in itself. It has become one of the best bets in the interior and gives a very high-end outlook in your bedroom. Its luxe qualities make it one of the best choices by interior enthusiasts.

Velvet is now available in a wide variety of styles and designs and can be added to your bedroom easily. Quilts and beddings made of velvet are a staple. If you want to perk up your space and make it look elegant, then you can add velvet in different ways to make it look eye-catching and deluxe. has a wide variety of velvet beddings and quilts that stand out in quality and design and would be the perfect pick for your bedroom.

What to look for when buying velvet beddings?

Velvet that is made up of natural fiber is the best. A natural velvet bed linen is the best investment to make. A combination of viscose and cotton is amazing. The best way to look for natural velvet is to know how it feels. It is a very lightweight fabric and doesn’t feel extraordinarily heavy. A breathable bedding will ensure a great night’s sleep. This is why cotton and viscose combination remain the best in all ways.

What to avoid when buying velvet beddings?

Steer clear of velvet that is heavy and might make you feel hot and stick to your body as it won’t let you sleep properly throughout the night. Polyester is the most annoying fabric to  buy when buying quilts and beddings as it is hot and sticky and might make it hard for you to breathe through it properly too. It doesn’t have natural fiber properties, thus, it doesn’t suit a lot of people. Thus, polyester velvet should not be your option even.

Colors Matter!

While buying velvet throw blankets, beddings and quilts you need to take colors into consideration too. Always go with your bedroom’s interior. Make sure that your beddings sync in with the colors of your walls, elsewise they won’t look aesthetic. Pastel colors beddings with a slightly brighter quilt look really good. You can also try pastel on pastel as it makes the space look minimal, chic and modern. Interiors are all about minimalism these days and pastels are in trend.


You can also try experimenting with designs and patterns. Floral patterns look amazing and they are a staple with plain beddings. Make sure that you pay attention to the colors of the patterns too and don’t crowd the bed with a lot of designs. If you are opting for a designed quilt, a plain throw blanket will add the needed minimalism to it perfectly.

At the end, velvet is a deluxe fabric and is one of the best choices for interiors, especially your bedrooms. Just make sure that you choose the right fabric and colors to add spark to your room.