Westminster is a small city located in Jefferson and Adam counties in Colorado with a population of 1.3 lakhs. As per the latest market finding, the average utility expenses in Colorado are around $384.43. Mainly, Madison hills in Westminster have many townhomes and have more than 149 thousand apartments. So most people living as tenants are likely to use a laundry service in Westminster CO. But many feel laundry services are overpriced in this small city.

Here is the list of factors that determine the laundry service price in Westminster to make things clear.

Type of Load

The city of Westminster spreads across 87.8 kmĀ². It has several popular neighborhoods like Wildridge Townhomes, Vista Village, Silo, Quail hill, Pebble Brook, and many more. Laundry service in Westminster, CO, is more likely to provide services to neighborhoods mentioned above.

LaundryMost laundry services charge by the washing load. A load of 5 kg or less will cost you around $25. These are standard rates, but some laundry services may charge less initially to get more customers. The $25 charge is only applicable to wash, and dry load or iron only loads.

If the wash load is more than 5kg, a pro-rata is applied. For example, 6kg of ironing will cost $24 or more, depending on the service provider.

Special Rate for Other Items

Most laundry services have a special rate for comforters, pillows, and sleeping bags. However, some offer a flat rate for the items mentioned above. Laundry charges for a king or queen-sized quill are around $20. Suppose the quill has down, the charges increase. Likewise, a king or queen size quill with down will cost $25. Oversized bags are charged extra.

Pickup Charges

Most people have a misunderstanding that pickup and delivery are free as laundry services need business. If you look closely at their rate charts, you would know a $30 minimum charge is levied on every single and recurring pickup. To reduce costs for their customers, many laundry services offer discounted rates for weekly and bi-weekly pickups.

Dry Cleaning Rates

The dry cleaning rates are different than wash loads. The rates are charged per piece of clothing. Dry cleaning a regular-sized shirt and pants costs around $7 each. Dry cleaning a lab coat or body sweater is slightly expensive.

Get the Rate Cards

If you feel the laundry service charges you inappropriately, you can always ask for the rate card by calling their customer service. Most laundry services operating in Westminster have rate cards displayed on websites that can clarify any confusion or misunderstanding related to their charges.

Washing clothes is one of the most annoying household chores. Thankfully, you can call a laundry service to do it for you. The laundry staff has the responsibility of caring for your clothes while washing. Cleaning clothes and delivering them to your home on time takes a lot of hard work. If you consider the amount of valuable time you save using these services, you understand that they are true value for money.