If you are looking forward to purchasing superior quality Dyson products in Singapore, then you must look for authorized dealers. This can be a challenging task as there are many outlets claiming to offer the best Dyson products however you should be keen since not all are authorized to sell such products.


As a buyer, you have very many benefits to enjoy when you buy from authorized Dyson retailers. For instance,

  • you will get genuine products at reasonable pricing,
  • have a wide range of choices,
  • Get served by trained staff –they will teach you how to use the products for maximum benefits
  • Get refund policies etc.

If this sounds better to you, consider the following authorized Dyson retailers in Singapore.

Get to Know Who are Authorized Dyson Retailers in Singapore

  1. Best Denki, Clementi Mall

One of the most reputable Dyson retailers in Singapore is Best Denki located at Clementi Mall. The shop opens at exactly 9 AM and what most people like about it is the ever-smiling staff – they are friendly and easy to approach.

You will like it that you can speak to the management even before leaving your home – make inquiries via their official website or call.

  1. COURTS Nex at Serangoon

Yet another trusted Dyson product retailer you can make deals with is COURTS Nex at Serangoon. They have been in business for a while and all their products are highly attractive. What you will love most about them is that they will deliver your products at your convenience. This means you don’t have to leave your home – simply shop on their website or give them a phone call. Tell them what you need, make payment and wait for your products.

  1. RobotGuru Pte Ltd

Other than delivering your products, RobotGuru staff will also train you on how to use the product the best way for maximum gain. They will do assessments to help you decide what best for you depending on your particular needs.


What you will love most about them is their after-sales services – they will follow to know how you are doing with the Dyson product you bought from them. In case you are not okay, they will find out why and offer the best solution.

The Bottom Line

Getting to find out who is authorized Dyson products retailers in Singapore may not be an easy task. You will get confused if you are not keen and end up making wrong decisions. We hope you can avoid this by purchasing from the retailers we’ve discussed here. You have to make a wise decision before spending your money and always choose high quality products.