You might not even realise there is a portable version of a sawmill, or are not sure you are justified in buying one at any rate. But something is telling you having one is a great idea. You might have some of your own land you need to clear. Maybe you have a small construction project in mind like a storage shed. Maybe you have a lot of land with trees and you do not know what to do with them. Logging has long been a way to get raw materials for building and to sell to make a living.

Anyone with a chainsaw can learn how to fell a tree safely and effectively. But once you have cut it down then what do you do with it if you do not have a mill? With a portable sawmill you can take the mill to the trees rather than having to transport them back, and you can cut your own straight boards as good as any experienced person with a mill you might haul the logs to.

Portable Chain Sawmill

Portable Chain Sawmill – Saving money and time by simplifying the process

You save time, hassle and money in all kinds of ways with your own portable chain sawmill. Taking it with you to the trees you are removing means you do not have to chain the logs to transportation and take them to someone who has a mill and charges to turn logs into boards for you. You save transportation costs and costs you pay for them to use their mill. It is a lot less work being able to make your own boards right there and move the boards to where you need them and less hassle. If you have boards leftover you can even sell them to friends and neighbours and get money back there too.

Manual or hydraulic

You can choose from two types of portable sawmill, hydraulic or manual.

● Manual sawmills are great if you are more of a hobby lumberjack or a beginner to it all. It handles smaller jobs easily, you can load the logs on yourself using the hand-feed system that enables you to guide them through smoothly. The controls are easy to master and use as it is not hard to use at all. They are more affordable and reliable too. Their smaller size means you can take them out almost anywhere and they store away easily in your garage or shed.
● Hydraulic sawmills are better for larger jobs and those with a more serious focus on logging and using a sawmill to make planks. It is safe and reliable and loading the logs is even easier thanks to the hydraulic arms that will lift your logs and make sure it is aligned exactly right for precise cutting. You just have to input the feed rate and the thickness requirement. You can get it done in a lot less time than a manual mill and there is less physical work from you. In terms of the controls, there are more options usually with a hydraulic portable chain sawmill.