When you want to decorate a room, lighting is a very important consideration that is often overlooked. The strength, direction, and color of the light can have a significant effect on the appearance of the room’s decor. Sometimes, standard ceiling light bulbs, as well as reading or desk lamps, do not necessarily bring sufficient light to a room. Depending on the time of day, you may also want to have a choice of light color and strength. For these reasons, a color changing floor lamp is a great choice that functions well and create all kinds of decorative lights for room. The fact that they take up only a small amount of space, combined with the range of choices that they offer, can make them very versatile.

How can a color changing floor lamp improve the appearance of a room?

Color changing floor lamps typically have multiple bulbs that extend along the lamp’s stand, or a single bulb at the top. There are many different varieties to choose from, and the type of lighting you require may affect your decision.

For those who want the light to spread evenly throughout the room, a general floor lamp with the light shining toward the center of the room should work well.

If you want to limit the strength of the light, corner floor lamp point the light toward the wall, and the wall reflects the light back into the room. This is a great choice for those who feel that their ceiling lamp’s light is too strong, yet they do not want the room to be in total darkness.

There are also floor lamps that can direct the light to a specific spot in the room. These floor lamps are a fantastic choice for those who like to sit comfortably in an armchair and read books without having to worry about poor lighting.

If you feel that your room’s decor does not match the bright white light of standard light bulbs, being able to change the color of the room’s lighting may afford the room with a dramatically different appearance. For most rooms, you will be able to find a type of floor light that will match the room’s design.


Things to check before purchasing a color changing floor lamp

The first thing to do before buying a color changing floor lamp is to ask yourself where you are going to place it. Make sure to rearrange the furniture according to the type of floor lamp you are thinking of buying, and measure the size of the space where the floor lamp will be placed. You will also want to check if the floor lamp will be sufficiently close to a plug socket.

Remember to ensure that the lamp will not clash with other pieces of furniture or other parts of the house, such as doors, cupboards and curtains. Next, check the dimensions of the lamp before purchasing to see if it matches your measurements of the room.

How to choose a color changing floor lamp

Once you are satisfied that the floor lamp can be placed in your room, you need to check the specification of the lamp. Fortunately, color changing floor lamps generally use long-lasting LED smart bulbs.

LED bulbs use less electrical energy compared to older forms of lighting such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Also, these smart LED bulbs can be in control by remote or APP.

So I think RGB floor lamp usually can be regarded as dimmable floor lamp.

LED floor lamps can therefore be a cost-effective way to help light a room. You need to check the quality of the components, reviews of the product, and other people’s experiences of communicating with the seller.

It is also important to remember that some color changing floor lamps are sold with a remote, some require that you download an application, and some offer both options.

Be aware that you may need to purchase additional batteries if the floor lamp is sold with a remote, while you will need a compatible smartphone if the floor lamp is associated with an application.

A color changing floor lamp is a great addition to most rooms!

Long-lasting, easy to set up, and offering a greater range of choice compared to some older forms of lighting, color changing floor lamps should be considered when rearranging a room. The possibilities are almost endless when you consider the wide variety of floor lamp types, lighting strengths, and light colours.