We are living in the digital age. Everything can be done digital nowadays. From ordering groceries to enjoying games and meeting new people. It’s hardly even necessary to leave your home. This does have lots of benefits. Especially now with the coronavirus. But this doesn’t mean people can stop writing by hand. In fact, handwriting is even more important than ever nowadays. Here are 3 reasons why buying a new pen and enjoying handwriting letters is a great idea!

 1.      Cognitive benefits

One of the most important reasons why to keep handwriting is because it has lots of cognitive benefits. Especially for young people. Luckily, handwriting will maintain part of the educational system. Even with all of the digital options. Children need to learn how to write. Adults need to keep up with it, even when they won’t use pen and paper as often as when they were a child. Even as an adult handwriting can have lots of cognitive benefits.

Such as being able to think more creatively. While writing by hand, you give yourself much-needed time to think about stuff. To write each letter carefully, you enjoy time to challenge your brain to think of new things. Come up with things you won’t even think off when your just writing on your keyboard.

Did you know handwriting can also improve the memory? By just writing stuff, you’ll remember them much better then when you had typed them. Are you making notes for school or work? Do it with pen and paper. That way you’ll remember everything better, so you’ll save time eventually.

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2.      Think more freely

While typing you aren’t able to put down every upcoming thought or just scribble some image in the corner. You’ll need to come up with full sentences and think about every word. This can be great, but not in every situation. There are many situations where it’s much better to think more freely and with less restrictions. Such as brainstorming. Scribbling some notes or just colour in the corner can be enough to boost your brain to think more creatively. Of course, most things can also be done with the computer. Especially when you’re very handy with it. But before you have done this, your brain will be more distracted and less capable to think freely.

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3.      Handwritten notes are the best

Just typing a message on your computer can feel a bit distant. When you’re writing a note to loved ones, there’s nothing better than handwriting notes. It feels more personal when you’ve written that note with a cross ballpoint pen and the reciever will know that you really did take the time to write something down. That’s why people enjoy handwriting letters better than when you just make a letter on your computer.