Do you suspect your marriage is on the verge of being over?

Trying to figure out if it’s right to get a divorce?

In this article, we will go over the most common tell-tale signs of your marriage needing a refresher.

Keep reading to find out the answer to the question of – “Is my marriage over?”

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1. You Can’t Share Your Problems With Each Other

One of the most absolute changes in marital expression is felt through the lens of not sharing with each other. Whether you’re dealing with issues at work, conflicts with friends, mental health ailments – if you feel you cannot take to your spouse, that’s a big problem.

Not being able to communicate with one another about those things that really bother you is the absence of a vital marital component.

2. You No Longer Have Much in Common

Take a look at the conversations you’re having. Perhaps, in the past – you and your spouse loved nothing more than spending time together, experiencing some sort of collective interest.

If those things now come to rise as a pretentious part of wooing you in the first place, you must be shocked. As the common interests between you depreciate, so does your marriage.

The less you want to spend time together, the more likely it is that your marriage is bound to be over.

3. Somebody Mentions Divorce When Upset

If your marriage is over – it’s not so hard to tell. The first thing that might come to your mind when you and your spouse get in a conflict is divorce.

If either one of you ever mentions it without a humorous connotation, then that’s a definitive sign of the fact that there are larger issues at play.

4. You Make Excuses Not to Spend Time Together

By all means, alone time is very important, and a healthy part of a quality marriage. But if you are always looking for ways to spend time away from your spouse, that’s a big problem.

busy at dinner

A loving relationship entails spending time together. If you find yourself constantly alone and asking “Is my marriage over?”, you are headed for an imminent divorce.

5. Nobody Is Trying to Mend the Relationship

A marriage can be fixed, but it’s hard work. If either of you is opposed to the idea, it can become gravely difficult for any result.

Every marriage comes with its up and downs. Periods of high and low, that can last for a long time. However, a healthy couple communicates and strengthens during times of low.

But if all you do is bring the worst to the surface and dismiss the solutions, you are checking yourself out of the relationship.

6. Your Goals Don’t Include Your Significant Other

Are you planning on greater things in life? Want to go back to school? Change your career? Build a home and live in the wild? Travel the world and don’t look back?

If you can’t see yourself with the significant other during those visualizations, that is a bad sign. Perhaps, they are hesitant and don’t want to be a part of your dream.

Creating goals for marriage is important. When you both grow – that’s progress. When one of you grows and the other stagnates, that’s called moving towards divorce.

7. You Don’t Have Sex Anymore

Surely, sex is not the end-all, be-all. But it also plays a big part in your physical expression. If you’re both physically and mentally healthy but are avoiding intercourse for weeks, months, years – something is wrong.

If your attraction is diminished – your intimacy is dwindling, and that’s bad for maintaining a strong and capable marriage.

Without it, you are left with a relationship filled with resentment, angst, and anger.

8. You Feel Like a Single Person

A single-life is wonderful, and you are only responsible for yourself. But if you’re married, and neither of you is committed to the relationship – that’s a red flag.

It’s ok for your significant other to hang out with other friends, but if that’s a common occurrence and all you find yourself is attending various single’s locations to satisfy yourself. That’s probably a sign that you want to lead a different type of life.

Acting like a single person is a sign of disrespect towards your partner. Marriage is built on respect, trust, and love – without it, there is no growth.

9. You Hide Secrets From Each Other

If you’re hanging out with someone you know your partner does not like, say your ex. Or you have financial troubles and you don’t mention them. Or if you are creating plans for a life without your partner.

All of those have a tremendous impact on the relationship if left untethered and unkempt. If you find yourself hiding lots of information from your partner, that’s a sign your relationship isn’t going to last much longer.

10. Your Families Were Not Able to Blend

The blending of your families failed.

Many marital failures have been built on the premise of failed family blending. A failed relationship with your children, parents, in-laws, siblings from both sides of the family is a failure in marriage.

Having ties to the extended family is stressful, but if you are not able to handle it – this might be a sign of potential dissolution within the marriage.

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Is My Marriage Over? You Decide.

Now that you have uncovered the mess of the most common signs of a marriage coming to its end. You can finally ask – “Is my marriage over?”. And by doing so, you can spend some time, really thinking about the answer.


As in the end, only you will be able to decide for yourself – if it’s worth saving, or time to part ways.

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Good luck.