Going to work is never fun, especially if you know that you have to spend eight or nine hours doing something you don’t like. You have to find a way to make this time go faster, and picking some nice clothes is one of the best ideas to boost your motivation, productivity, and willingness to work. So, if you too are interested in finding some cool clothes for work, here are a few tips that could help you do that.

Wear a simple white T-shirt

Even though white T-shirts might not seem like the most professional work outfit in the world, you’d be surprised how well it could work for you. Wearing a simple white tee will give you a chance to go wild with your jeans, trousers, and other pieces of clothes, basically serving as a blank canvas for your daily looks. It’s a simple yet effective look, but you will first need to learn a thing or two about styling your white T-shirt

5 Tips for Styling a White Tee

Wearing them with your blue jeans could turn out as a great look for your workplace, no matter what you do and how old you are. Introducing a few additional layers, patterns, colors, and textures could also be a great idea. Of, you could just turn your tee in, and you’ll instantly look more professional than ever.

Add some bling

Although some men don’t like wearing jewelry, the truth is that just a few simple pieces can completely change your look and make you seem totally professional. Again, there are a few rules you have to follow, and if you do so, you’ll be able to wear jewelry every day of the week. 

First, you should find the right pieces that will make you look amazing – men usually opt for watches, bracelets, earrings, and cufflinks – and then figure out how to incorporate them into your outfit. You could combine them with your clothes in terms of colors and materials, and thus get an even more compact look.

Go casual

Unless you’re a top-management employee, the chances are you’re allowed to wear some casual clothing at least once a week. This could make you even more motivated to work, but you’ll still look quite professional at the same time, which is why this look is so amazing. Luckily, there are lots of options you can choose from, regardless of your age, position in your company, and your personal style. 

If you’re a fashion forward man, you could try wearing those cool men’s polo shirts that come in different colors, styles, and materials, and can be combined with other pieces of clothes. These shirts are quite versatile and you can wear them every single day, and still keep looking more than professional.

Get the right shoes

Once you’ve assembled your perfect combination, you have to top it all off with some nice shoes. These will make you look great, but, if you pick the right pair, also protect your lower back, your neck, and your spine. The shoes you pick need to fulfill a few basic roles – they have to be supportive, comfortable, protective, and, above all, they have to fit you well. 

Finding the right shoes might take some time, but once you do that, you can keep on purchasing the same pair over and over again and then work on how to polish your shoes. If you manage to do so, your shoes won’t just make your look more professional, but also help you solve problems with your feet, including your arch, your heels, and your toes.

Stop making fashion mistakes

Since finding the perfect outfit takes a lot of time and energy, making outfit mistakes is easier than people think. These are things most men make without even noticing, and continue repeating so because they’re unaware of them in the first place. But, if you learn more about these mistakes, you can understand why making them is so wrong, and ultimately stop making them.

To begin with, stop taking your gym bag to work and start using a backpack instead. This is a great choice, particularly if you pick one of those leather backpacks that make you look quite professional. Also, embrace the suit and find the right model that should work for you every day of the week. A nice suit will solve all your outfit problems, and a suit is an effective choice for all working people. Finally, try to the right balance between a formal and informal look. Both of these are quite all right on their own, of course, but the right combination is even more effective. That way, you’ll look professional and attractive all the time, and that’s something all of us need.

Finding the right clothes that will make you look might take some time, but this process is definitely worth your while. Your cool clothes will help you look and feel good, and that will consequently make you better at what you do.