Do you have everything you need in time for Halloween? This modern tradition dates back to an ancient Celtic festival that involved wearing costumes and lighting fires to scare off ghosts. Besides Halloween costumes, you can also prepare for “All Hallows Eve” with Halloween props for haunted houses and Halloween parties. It is an easy and affordable way to make the night of ghosts and goblins even creepier. Here are some ideas:

Skulls and Skeletons

Both types of Halloween decorations can be quite scary, whether it’s a giant skull or full-size skeleton. These are some of the biggest fear factors among people, which also include the dark, thunder and lightning, and dentists. Thus, when picking Halloween decorations, you should consider adding skeletons and skulls.


You can also find these items with special features to make them even creepier. They include poseable, realistic, and light-up skeletons. These features add an extra level of creepiness that can make your October 31 events even better.

Studies show that the fear of death is actually linked to most other fears people have, according to the University of Sydney. Thus, many people find skeletons and skulls very scary, since they are symbols of the deceased.


Whether they are standing or crawling, these creatures have been trending for a while due to movies like “Night of the Living Dead” and TV shows like “The Walking Dead.”

Halloween Haunt Props at Knott's Berry Farm

Experts generally believe the History of zombie folklore dates back to Haiti in the 1600s, according to History. In voodoo religions, many people also believe that voodoo followers are able to bring deceased people back to life.

You can add these undead corpses to your Halloween décor by selecting among different options. They include full-body, torso, and crawling zombies. This allows you to add the creatures to different spooky settings.


They are featured in movies like the Harry Potter series. There are good and evil witches, but the latter ones like in The Wizard of Oz are very frightening to some people.

You can find witch props that include different options. They include witches, as well as brooms, kettles, and spells. These are some of the main symbols of witches and can take your office Halloween party to the next level.

Fog Machine

Even if you do not live in the foggiest Australian capital city of Canberra (47 foggy days per year) fog can be an effective Halloween prop. It helps to create an eerie atmosphere and especially if you create a graveyard scene with tombstones and zombies. Studies show that fog is creepy because it makes an environment unclear and uncertain.

For example, you can find fog machines with wireless remotes. This makes it a cinch to switch on the unit so your guests can have a spooky surprise when walking through a haunted house, for example.

Flying Bats

These nocturnal mammals are another famous Halloween symbol you can use as a prop. In fact, it was featured in Batman as a method for Bruce Wayne to conquer his fear of bats.

Spider Webs

Studies show that about 6% of people have a fear of spiders, which is known as arachnophobia. Many psychologists believe that people have this fear due to a direct experience with the 8-legged creatures. People can also be frightened by spider webs, which makes them an ideal Halloween decoration.

This year you can make your Halloween parties scarier with the right Halloween props. With options ranging from zombies to skeletons, and from bats to spiders, the number of combinations is quite frightening.