Talking about passions during lessons is always an exciting topic. One of the most popular and exciting topics is travel. Some people love it, while others find it mostly difficult and stressful. Regardless of the approach to the topic, practically everyone has something to say about it. Topics that evoke different emotions are always memorable and motivate learners more to learn new things. Travel ESL lesson plans ( were created with this in mind so they allow you as a teacher/tutor to prepare many interesting English lessons. However, this is not the only reason to choose ready-made lesson plans!

English Lessons

Why travel ESL lesson plans?

The work of every tutor and teacher is assessed by their effectiveness. This can be achieved with tailor-made materials and ready-made lesson plans. Travel ESL lesson plans include suggestions for interesting topics such as:

  • new travel rules
  • travel problems
  • the shortest flight in the world

These and many other topics will help your learners to familiarise themselves with grammar, learn new vocabulary and practise newly learnt grammatical structures and idioms.

Every lesson emphasises multiple skills simultaneously: writing, reading, listening comprehension and speaking so everything learners need to learn the language is included in these plans.

English language learning tailored to the needs of the learner

Travel ESL lesson plans have been structured to take into account the individual needs of the learner or group of learners.

Every lesson plan has been developed for a specific level (from A2 to C2), has a specific duration and a carefully developed structure that is a great help for the teacher. The developed structure not only provides convenience but also saves time. You as a teacher dont have to waste time preparing your lessons!

Comprehensive preparation for lessons

Your preparation for the lesson will certainly be appreciated by your learners. Structured lessons in which everything goes according to a set plan is a dream situation for many learners.

In addition, every English learner wants comprehensive and practical learning. English4tutors plans use authentic materials. And by presenting the material in an attractive form, i.e. PowerPoint presentations and colourful graphics, everything is visually appealing so such lessons are more likely to attract attention and be memorable.

This is an additional motivation for the learners! In addition, with properly planned lessons, learners will not be bored.