Men deserve a better makeup but don’t misunderstand the situation of men getting makeup as its all about Trendy special effects. Here we introduce Dolly Yanny, our favorite special effects makeup artist.

Dolly Yanny
Dolly Yanny’s Makeup Samples

Halloween was over days ago but costume parties will never ever be over & also movies deserve a better makeup artist to go with whatever theme they want to deliver to the audience.

Dolly Yanny’s Makeup Samples

Dolly Yanny started it all from the bottom not just as she is young but she also took a few courses for example: the famous makeup artist workshop ” Samir Khouzami “. Dolly made it all in short period of time but look at her stunning & famous !

Dolly Yanny’s Makeup Samples

So dear men if you are looking for the best makeup that no one can imagine or wonder who you are and keep asking all night longer about who is that mysterious Stylish person, so obviously Dolly Yanny Is your perfect answer.

Dolly Yanny’s Makeup Samples

If you can think of another makeup artist for Men, tell us about him/her below….


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