Having a theme for your adult party is a great way to spice up any celebrations. Moreover, having an ice luge NYC in your theme party takes things a notch higher. Ice luges offer an excellent way to bring in a little style even to the simplest of gatherings.

Your guests enjoy a unique yet creative way of serving their drinks, not forgetting the fascinating centerpiece that provides a beautiful backdrop for photos that you and your guests can share on social media. To say the least, an ice luge kit in any themed party offers authentic fun that can be the talk of the town for days to come.

That being said, if you are hosting an adult party in 2021, here is some cold-ice inspiration for ten cool themes that can be outstanding with a spice of ice luge NYC.


  1. Glow in the dark party

If you are looking for a way to bring in a little mystery into your adult gathering, a glow party will not disappoint. Your guests will love dressing in neon-colored clothes, completing the look with colorful face and body paints that glow in the dark. Get yourself some UV black lights, fluorescent paper posters, and balloons, glow sticks to wrap around cups, and everything else you need in colors that illuminate in the dark. For the centerpiece, you can have a nice message carved on the ice luge NYC. Place it on drip trays that come with LED strip lights to add some neon colors that make it complement the décor.

  1. Beach themed party

Nothing beats soaking up the sun, taking a dip, and relaxing by the waves with your boys or girls. Moreover, sipping chilled drinks out in the sun isn’t only refreshing, but magical. Having an ice luge kit at a beach party creates a wow-worthy beverage-dispensing centerpiece in the bar to accent your drinking experience. It will stand out among the palm trees, starfish, and sand dollar decorations around the minibar.

  1. Mexican fiesta themed party

Mexican parties are all about pops of bright colors. The more they are, the more aesthetically appealing your theme will look. Besides this, a Mexican fiesta mini bar isn’t complete without tequila. Draw your guests to the bar with a cactus-shaped ice luge in NYC for sophisticated drinking and partying experience. This piece of art will definitely add a bit of class to your viva la fiesta mini bar, and you can bet that it will look impressive in the photos.

  1. Hawaiian Luau theme party

This theme is more like a beach party, but with an extra something to bring out a tropical island-inspired gathering. Talk of the vibrant decorations of giant pineapple paper lanterns, tiki torches, and inflatable palm trees, not forgetting a DIY luau party backdrop to highlight the drinking station. Tasty fruit smoothies made of a mix of papaya, mango, strawberry, and orange juices make the signature drink for such a party. But since you are hosting adults, a shot of their favorite spirit added to the smoothie makes a great tropical cocktail. How about serving the spirit chilled straight out of a pineapple-shaped ice luge.

adult party

  1. Jungle themed party

Jungle parties are for party animals who would like to take things wild and exciting. Go wild with the decorations using animal balloons, animal stickers, and animal print tableware. Have your guests dress up in animal prints. Complete the feel with jungle cocktails of pineapple juice, lime juice, and rum. A nicely made ice luge shaped like your favorite wild animal can be a great addition for your guests to dispense chilled drinks from.

  1. Mad Men Party

There is nothing as exciting as going back in time, dressed up in the styles of the 60s and 70s. What’s more fun about this theme is sipping drinks drawn from that era for hours on end. Make your serving exciting by including an ice luge kit at the party. Besides dispensing a variety of drinks, it can be mesmerizing to add life to the atmosphere. Just be sure to serve hearty food to go with the strong drinks.

  1. Pool party

Celebrate your birthday, graduation, or milestone with your friends in a good old-school pool party setup. Come with colorful floaters and bust out cool music. Think of the mouth-watering poolside snacks such as barbecued chicken pizzas and hot dog sliders. Pair that with chilled beverages served out of stunning ice luges and you have yourself a party to remember.

  1. Brunch party

A brunch party is by far the simplest to plan and execute. Just be sure to plan your menu in advance and choose a great venue. Pick a more rustic or nature-inspired decorations depending on the space. Finally, incorporate an ice luge NYC as a fun element to create a mesmerizing focal point as well as take your drinks serving to the next level.

  1. Barbecue party

If you have a beautiful backyard, then you have the best venue for a barbecue-themed party with your adult friends. Munch on all your favorite barbecued foods ranging from grilled chicken, piled-high burgers with classic potato salad to accompany. Don’t forget the drinks; set up a drinks station with a well-sculptured ice luge to serve chilled drinks and act as a beautiful centerpiece.

  1. Finger food tasting party

Finger food tasting parties do need not much planning other than having a selection of finger foods, quality glassware, and the right crowd. These parties can be classy, so adding a little elegance with an ice luge kit is a welcome option.

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2021 is a year to bust out cool party themes for your adult party celebrations. Instead of serving drinks the same old way, take your party planning game to the next level with an ice luge. Come to us with your theme and we will create the ice luge to complement the atmosphere.