The excitement of a new baby is almost too much to handle. The planning, guessing, and the unknown lingering in your mind make everything much more exciting. One of the most exciting aspects of expecting a baby is the anticipation of knowing whether the baby would be a girl or a boy. The entire family joins the couple in this guessing game throughout the course of the couple’s pregnancy.

This correspondingly makes a gender reveal party an important ritual and party that everyone waits for.

There are so many different things to consider and decisions to make for the party. The theme, the color palette, the location, even who you invite can all play a pivotal role in setting the tone of your big day.

Here are some primary questions one must answer before deciding on a plan of action.


What is Your Budget?

Gender reveals tend to be very elaborate affairs with lots going on all at once, from games and activities for kids to tons of food options and decorations galore. So, your budget must be keyed into every decision from the beginning.

Do you have a set budget for this party? If so, you’ll want to keep it in mind as you plan. You might also want to put together a loose guest list before making your final decision on the location.

How Do You Want to Reveal the Gender?

This one might be pretty obvious, but it’s still worth taking into consideration. There are several ways to reveal gender:
● It could be revealed by cutting into a cake with pink or blue inside (usually whichever color is inside is the gender of the baby)
● You can also use balloons to reveal either blue or pink confetti when popped!

Who Is Attending?

Do you have friends attending the party, family members, or both? It’s essential to consider this because knowing how many people are coming can help you decide on the location of your gender reveal party.

If it’s just family, then there might not be a need for so many activities and food options, but if it is more of a formal affair with lots of friends, then you might want to go big!

What kind of reveal do you think would be most appropriate for that type of event? Consider all your options before deciding.

How Long Will Your Party Last?

It is another thing that many don’t consider until they get started planning their special day, but it’s imperative to consider how long your party will last.

If you’re planning an evening event, it makes sense that the activities would go on longer than if you were planning a lunch or breakfast type of celebration.


Do You Have a Theme?

When you think about having a theme, find something that gives lots of room for your guests to get creative with their costumes.

Something like ‘My Little Pony’ can be perfect for parents obsessed with the show, or they can even dress up in something they feel represents their family dynamic well.

It’s important to remember that a gender-reveal party doesn’t have to be a massive production.

Some smaller events can feel even more intimate and unique when they’re done just right.