Though it is the winter right now, there is no doubt that soon enough you will be looking for the warm beaches and refreshing waters of some of your favorite beach vacations.

However, no true beach vacation is complete without the perfect pair of flip flop that are comfortable, fashionable, and sturdy enough to last you more than a week or two.

Whether you are looking to spend a bundle on a pair of luxury flip flops, or are looking to make a sound financial decision and purchase some bulk flip flops for men and women, here are some great tips to keep in mind when it comes to making a great decision that you will be glad you made!

Let’s get started!

Buy the right shoe size

This might seem like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised by how often people make the wrong decision in shoe size when it comes to sandals and flip flops. If the shoe is too small, you run the serious risk of having the flip flops come off, or even worse, develop some pretty painful blisters.

If the sandals are too big, you will find that your feet start to ache because of the unneeded strain that is put on your bones and joints as a result.

If possible, it is always best to find a store that you can go to so that you can try the shoe on in person. That way, you will know that they will fit.

Flip Flop

Consider the arch support

Sandals and flip flops are designed to look good, offer great air flow, and be comfortable. Without one of those important factors, you are surely missing out. For that reason, you should absolutely consider the way the arches of your feet are supported one you first put them on.

While flip flops are quite light and typically made of flimsy material, you can still find great pairs that offer top arch support.

These are especially important if you plan on using your flip flops or sandals as true walking around shoes rather than just wearing them back and forth from your hotel room to your poolside cabana.

Find flip flops with a heel

Flip flops and sandals will never go out of style because they are always the official shoe of the spring and summer.

However, wearing shoes that are too flat will ultimately put unnecessary pressure on your heels, Achilles and your lower back. To offset that from happening, look for flip flops and sandals that have a bit of a heel.

This will help offset the pressure on the center of your feet and make sure that your posture remains positive so you can stay comfortable throughout the day.


Getting a great pair of flip flops may seem hard, but it is actually quite easy. Just remember to keep these few tips in mind and you will be comfortable and stylish in your new pair of flip flops.