Trousers are men’s bottom wear that gives a sleek and straight look. Whether you are standing, sitting, or walking, formal trousers for men remain perfectly in shape. For a professional man, formal trousers are probably among the most common types of pants in his wardrobe because he has to wear it 5 or 6 days a week. There are so many different kinds of formal trousers for men, and in this blog, we are discussing all of them –

1. Dress Pants

dress pants

Dress pants are among the most common formal trousers for men, and a part of every man’s wardrobe. They offer perfect fit around the waist, and you can tuck in the shirt without necessarily having to wear a belt. These types of pants pull around the crotch, hips, and pockets, meaning they are tight, and you will need a bigger size.

2. The Flat Front Pant

pleated pants

Flat front pants are other popular types of formal trousers for men. They display a tailored finish and comes with slim construction. Flat front pants are also known as slim-fit pants, and its design makes you look leaner and taller. These are easy to wash and often opted by bachelor men, who have to do their own laundry and ironing.

3. Pleated Pants 

These pants need to be styled and ironed properly in order to ensure that there is a pleat running across at the front- from the hips to the ankle. Pleated pants due to their maintenance are not common among young men as they opt for flat front pants. These formal trousers for men offer straight and slimmer appearance. If you have a heavy bottom or big thighs, then you should opt for pleated pants.

4. Chinos


If you want a pant that can work as both formal and casual, then chinos are your best option. These formal trousers for men are extremely popular among the millennials. They are extremely comfortable and come in a wide range of colour options. Chinos are perfect amalgamation between skinny, baggy, and well-fitted trousers. Considering that chinos typically come in solid colours, you have a greater scope of experience with the kind of shirt you wear.

5. Checkered Trouser


Checks are not merely limited to your shirts; you can get a great corporate look by checkered trousers. You can pair these formal trousers for men with a crisp solid shirt in order to get a perfect weekday office look.

There you have it, above are the popular types of formal trousers for men. When you buy formal pants, you need to consider your body type. You need trouser that gives you a flattering look instead of drawing attention below or above the belt.

If your bottom is heavy, opt for trousers that give a slimming effect. If, on the other hand, you have lean and toned legs, chinos would really look good on you. Along with the right type, you should also consider the right size and length in order to get a slim and smart corporate look.