Playing cricket takes a lot of physical practice and patience. You can’t run on the field with your ordinary jogging shoes or make your way to the wicket-keeping position with no protection. Having the right gear is essential to excel at playing cricket – whether you are a beginner or a professional cricketer.

In a cricket game, a cricketer might have to run about 2-5 kilometers. Keeping that in mind, choosing the right cricket shoes becomes critical. Keep reading to learn the five reasons for selecting the right shoes are.

Rubber Sole Or Spikes?

This is the most critical question you have to ask yourself. Rubber sole shoes are appropriate for a cricket game on the artificial turf. However, playing on grass, choosing shoes with spikes is the best option. Shoes with spikes help you gain a better grip on the ground.

The increased grip helps decrease the pressure on the feet and helps both batsmen and bowlers alike. Bowlers may need to go with shoes that have more spikes. But batsmen should prefer shoes that come with fewer spikes. You can buy the spike shoes at Kookaburra Australia.

Cricket Shoes

Comfort Comes First

Imagine running to the boundary wearing super tight shoes; it would hurt you, right? Choosing the shoes that are neither tight nor too loose is the right way to pick the cricket shoes.

Some spike shoes in the market have the best material, but they might be a bit tighter for common cricketers. Deciding the right size and number of spikes is necessary to improve your batting stance or bowling technique.

Avoiding Corns

Corns are painful calluses that can develop on the pressure points on your feet during a cricket game. The pressure on the feet is different for bowlers and batsmen. Choosing the right shoes depends a lot on the role that you play in the cricket game.

For batsmen, a better option is getting shoes with spikes at the front and a rubber sole at the back, which helps them run better between the crease and have an increased grip on the pitch. Bowlers have better grip and lower pressure on their feet when they choose shoes with spikes all over them and rubber on the sole.

Your Posture

You can never stand the right way on the ground unless you have proper shoes for your role. Right shoes help you get the correct posture. For a fast bowler, shoes with more spikes enable them to run faster and put their feet before the crease line. For batsmen, the right shoes help them stand and face the delivery the best way possible.

Increased Blood Circulation

A regular flow of blood is essential for all cricketers so they can stand and run properly. Apart from getting hydrated and maintaining your diet, putting on the right shoes is also necessary for increased blood circulation.

Some boots come with removable spikes that may be better for grip and circulation but can get troubling to manage. Pick the proper shoes and never face any blood circulation problems.