Can’t decide what gift to choose for your special someone? Well, you can never go wrong with well-picked fashion jewelry for your lady.

Whether it’s for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a sweet and simple gesture, giving jewelry to your special someone is always a great choice. But of course, there’s so much that goes behind the act of picking a gift that choosing the right fashion jewelry for her can be intimidating.

But that shouldn’t stop you from pushing on this act of love. With the right guidance and simple observation, you can successfully choose the right jewelry for your lady that is fashionable and meaningful to both of you.

Here are some tried and tested valuable tips you want to learn so as to win her heart when selecting wholesale fashion jewelry pieces:


  1. Get To Know The Jewelry Trends

When it comes to giving jewelry, you should pick the pieces that are in trend.

That way, your significant other can easily incorporate these pieces into her outfit without looking too dated or out of place. You don’t want to give something that she couldn’t wear proudly and confidently!

Remember that aside from being extra pieces of wearables, jewelry can make or break one’s style. Plus, giving her trendy jewelry pieces allows her to wear that particular piece for as long as necessary without being odd when matched with other jewelry items.

One of the best jewelry trends of 2021 is all about personalization and sentiment. That makes it perfect if you want your gift to be meaningful yet stylish at the same time. Charms and other minimalist pendants work great for bracelets and necklaces. Not to mention that your imagination is the limit when it comes to personalized jewelry!

  1. Invest In Timeless Pieces

If you’re wary about navigating the trends of jewelry, then you don’t have to strain yourself in fashion. Opting for classic and timeless pieces are also ideal to make sure that the jewelry design won’t go out of style!

So while it’s tempting to fall for the cliché matchy-matchy couple bracelets that look like something children would wear, you can never go wrong with minimalist, pearl, or pave jewelry pieces. These fashion jewelry designs are staples in a woman’s jewelry collection and she’ll be surely pleased because you’ve given her something wearable and significant to both of you.

  1. Be Observant In Her Fashion Style

The best way to make sure that your significant other will love your jewelry gift is to be observant of her style.

As mentioned, you want to give her something that she can easily wear and don’t have to go through a hassle to match with. A general observation that you shouldn’t miss is on how she normally styles her clothes.

Does she like to always dress up even on casual days? Which jewelry piece does she always wear even without any special occasions? Is she a jeans-and-shirt or dresses-and-sneakers kind of fashionista? Knowing these basics can help you eliminate certain types and designs of fashion jewelry when choosing.

You can also take a look at her current jewelry collection to get an idea of her aesthetics and style.

  1. Take Advantage of Jewelry Sets

Jewelry sets make for a great gift because it gives the wearer the freedom to mix and match their jewelry. It also looks amazing when worn together and women love matching jewelry pieces that bring cohesiveness to their look.

When choosing the jewelry set, make sure to avoid the pieces that look too dated. There’s such a thing in jewelry where everything looks too matchy-matchy. Instead of picking jewelry sets that have the same pendants on necklaces and fashion earrings, you might want to consider jewelry sets that have the same theme.

This ranges from having a similar color scheme or likeness in design and aesthetics. You’d want jewelry sets that are unique from each other and she could wear each component as a standalone piece.

You can also venture out from the usual necklace-earrings combo. Jewelry sets like layered necklaces, stacked bracelets, or earring piercing sets are some of the unique combinations that some jewelry boutiques offer.


  1. Give Something That Enhances Her Features

Fashion jewelry can bring so much to one’s style and looks —but, the proper way to wear them is intending to simply enhance one’s features rather than hide them behind the sparkles of the jewelry.

An easy way to do this is to match your jewelry with her features. One of the major things that you should take note of is how the jewelry piece will look on her skin color. Sure, that jewelry might look beautiful but when she tries it on, it doesn’t look as good as it is on display.

That is neither of the party’s fault —it mostly has to do with the skin tone and what jewelry colors go best with it. For cool skin tone, white metals and shades of blue and purple go best. For warmer skin tones, gold jewelry with shades of green, yellow, and orange might be more suitable.

Tone-matching the shades of jewelry to her eye color will also work. A well-matched piece of jewelry that makes the color of her eyes stand out more is an excellent touch.

  1. Make Her Choose What Fashion Jewelry She Wants

If you’re not banking on the element of surprise, then why not take a trip to the jewelry boutique after a lovely date and let her choose something that she likes?

It’s a great way to involve her in the process and you two can get to know more about each other’s styles. Give your suggestions on what goes best with her and she can tell you whether she likes it or not. Make the whole process fun and light, maybe even try something on yourself to make the occasion more amusing and interesting!

You two can also grab a cup of coffee and sit into the couch at home to visit some famous and reputable fashion jewelry websites for inspiration such as Etsy or

And of course, don’t fret about it too much! After all, gift-giving is just one of the many ways that you can show your love, appreciation, and care for your lady. Pick something that resonates with your heart, then you’re all set!