The lack of representation of East Asians in the beauty industry is often frustrating. Over the years, the absence of specialized beauty products catering to East Asian features has led to influencers trying a plethora of unconventional (and often doubtful!) tips and tricks as Monolid Makeup.

While some of those tricks are easy to integrate into one’s daily routine, rest are just straight up obnoxious!


Our editors have scrounged the internet to come up with this list of tips and tricks for the mono-lided beauty in you:

  1. Prime and Prep!: Monolids are prone to fallout and smudging big time. To add to it, the oil prone monolid makes it difficult for shadows to remain in place. Hence, to ensure all your hardwork stays put, invest is a good eyeshadow primer and a waterproof lash primer.
  2. Line that Lid: Tight-lining is key to a killer eyeliner. Follow it up with gradually and slowly building up your Jonteblu eyeliner towards the out with a waterproof eye pencil or liner. Complete it by setting your liner with some powder.
  3. Smokey Hokey Pokey: The beauty industry has been obsessed with a classic smokey eye for as far as one can recall. However, smokey lids are tricky on monolids. Fear not because this can be catered to by instead of applying your shadows horizontally, doing it vertically. This helps open up the eye and eases shaping.
  4. Lash Out: Monolids usually have pretty straight eyelashes – hence, a curler can be your best friend. Additionally, to create a fuller eye look or to just create a bit of drama, apply falsies that are best suited to your eyeshape. Learning how to pick the right false lashes for monolid eyes is a whole other task and requires a bit of research.
  5. Drop the Fakeness: Influencers often swear by the fake crease and floating liner trick for monolids. Here’s a reality check – it only works in photographs. For an everyday look in person, its better to stick to one’s own eye shape.
  6. Eyes Take Precedence: Since monolids are prone to fallout and mistakes that may require some revision, its always a good idea to get done with your eye makeup first and then do the rest of your face. This way you can clean up any mess and avoid ruining your face makeup.
  7. The Denser The Better: Dense brushes give the individual a lot more control on their blending as compared to fluffy brushes. A brush that fits your eye size and is flatter than a blending brush is ideal for applying shadow on the crease.
  8. No Such Thing As Too Much Glitter: To make your eyes pop and to get some attention up to the middle of your lid, opt for a shimmery or glitter topper.
  9. Lock It All in Place: A couple of spritzes of your favorite setting spray and your eye makeup is good to face the world. When coupled with a primer, the eye makeup becomes pretty much infallible.

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