As the fall season is ending and the winter season is approaching, staying up to date with the current styles is an absolute must. If you are a person who likes to dress in the latest trends and looks, then you are probably keeping up to date with fashion magazines, online Instagram photos, and other influencers who can help you figure out what to wear to your friends’ Christmas party. Should you wear a holiday sweater, Irish cable knit sweater, black slacks, or graphic top? Choosing the perfect top for every occasion is key to looking and feeling your best – after all, if you like your outfit, you will feel confident and ready to meet new people!

One of the best staples in your fashion closet is arguably flannel shirts – not only are flannels perfect to wear all year round with various outfit types, but you can wear this item year after year – and still remain stylish! Let’s see the best flannel styles that you can wear to really turn heads.

Don’t worry – flannel shirts are still in style! Let’s Find out some fashion inspiration here


If you have a few flannel shirts that you are dying to wear, learning how to wear this staple top is essential during the entire year. How do you wear a flannel shirt in the summer, winter, or fall? The answer is by choosing other basic pieces that can pair well with a more graphic design.
● In the summer, wearing a flannel with a plain t-shirt, denim or khaki shorts, and loafers are a great choice for a casual backyard BBQ or stroll around the boardwalk! You can even wear the flannel shirt with denim pants and a graphic t-shirt for a more unique nighttime look.
● In the springtime, consider wearing a flannel shirt as your “jacket” to wear in the cooler weather with jeans and a plain top. We recommend accessorizing this outfit with a beanie hat or leather gloves.
● In the winter, you can layer a flannel shirt with a heavier jacket, sweater, or scarf for a snow-friendly look.
● In the fall season, flannels reign supreme! Nothing goes better than flannels, jeans, and dark boots. We recommend trying a darker-colored flannel with brown or black boots and dark jeans for a sleek look.
But how can you style a flannel shirt if you are going for a smart and casual look? If you need to look like you’re really dressing the part for school or a new job, then consider these tips for the smart-casual occasion:
● Consider pairing a flannel shirt with a button-up for a business-friendly look while you’re in the office or your new workplace.
● Pairing flannel shirts with tailored pants and nice shoes is an easy way to dress up your outfit without really wearing anything too fancy.
What flannel shirt color is the best choice to go with the rest of my wardrobe? If you frequently wear dark pants or jeans, then choosing a darker flannel shirt also goes well with these colors. For example, a red flannel shirt looks good with navy pants, black pants, and denim jeans. If you choose a bright flannel top – like yellow or pink – it might not look as good in a smart and casual dress. Instead, darker colors are the way to go with your flannel shirts!


How can you stay in style all year round? By purchasing a closet staple – the flannel shirt – you can ensure that you look smart, casual, and trendy during every single season!