Purchasing underwear is usually done very quickly, almost as an afterthought. Of course, not everyone is the same. Perhaps you have a pair or two for the special occasion, tucked away somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. Perhaps you don’t care either way. However, it is high time for this attitude to disappear – underwear should look awesome on you, feel great on your skin and provide support for your nether regions. Gone are the days of the simple tighty-whities – let us talk style and substance.

Choose your weapon

Unless you are that weird person who can actually rock all kinds of underwear, most people simply choose whatever feels best for them and stick to it. It is, after all, the most intimate part of your wardrobe. If you are enjoying the freedom briefs provide for your thighs – good for you. Perhaps you are a freedom lover? Then probably boxers are your choice. Boxer briefs are snuggled somewhere in the middle. By picking one type and sticking to it, you will make the whole process of purchasing new ones simpler and more enjoyable.

On the other hand, the taste changes throughout life and you might want to experience different things as you age, which is also a perfectly normal thing. Perhaps you will start off into your teenage years wanting more freedom, while understanding that you still prefer a bit of discipline in your twenties. We are all different and as always – the most important thing is how your underwear feels on you.

The feel of the fabric

This is not something that should be understated when buying underwear – for the tender parts of your body you should really settle for the best only. Cotton is a breathable fabric that has been in use for generations. It is absorbent and it comes in various quality options, allowing you to choose whatever price grade you want to go for. Perhaps for your everyday vs weekend/date options? It is important to have a choice in life.

If you want to step your game up, though, there is the Supplex, which can keep men’s sexy underwear both soft and breathable while it does not let them shrink. Oh, and there are other options as well, which might be a little less often used, such as linen or even bamboo, but in the end it all comes down to what feels great when you wear it. Never settle for less than very comfortable when it comes to some thing – and underwear is certainly one of them.


Colors of life

I mean, what’s wrong with simple colors like black and white, am I right? And before you decide to be vocal about the fact that black and white are not colors, yes, we are well aware. Still, let us entertain the idea that they are. The idea of colors should be right up there with the type and fabric – don’t be afraid to go colorful. If you let a little color in your life, who knows what other positive changes you could expect?

Of course, light and bright colors seem more at home in the summertime, however, don’t let that stop you. There is no rulebook that says you can’t spice it up in the winter as well. Just remember to keep the colors down when it comes to the underwear you are going to be wearing with suits. Not that you will be flashing your undies in a formal situation – but one should be ready for anything.

It’s up to you, really

Regardless of what we might say here, it is up to you to make or break the style. I mean, not listening to anyone else is at the same time a blessing and a curse – everyone could benefit from some advice from time to time. When it comes to Underwear for Men, put whatever feels great first and what looks great second. If it so happens that both of those things are the same product – well, then we have a winner.

Think of your underwear as a card game. Underwear is your trump card. Perhaps you will not be needing it in order to win a game of cards, but if it turns out you really need it – it had better be good.

Peter is a men’s fashion and lifestyle writer at Trend Prive and Men-Ual magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.