It’s been a long established fact that today in the western world more and more of us are turning to Veganism. But what is Veganism exactly? Veganism is a term applied to a diet that is free from not just meat like vegetarianism, but all animal products as well as fish. This even includes dairy products, eggs and anything that is derived from animals.

The environmental consequences of raising agricultural livestock are immense. The Carbon emissions from raising livestock and cattle causes long term damage to the environment. The animal welfare concerns both in the meat and dairy industry are also things that can’t be overlooked. Even with regard to commercial fishing, fish stocks are being depleted.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

So it’s no wonder that people are going Vegan in their droves. However the biggest complication with living a Vegan lifestyle is that it is not so simple to restructure a diet. It can take months to teach yourself how to eat with seemingly less choicesl

In the career world, many of us do not have the time to prepare a vegan lunch for ourselves. However, there is an innovative and pioneering company that is now providing vegan Londoners with the meals and catering options they need.

So it’s therefore a pleasure to introduce Plant Sumo. They are a plant based food delivery service in London that provide meals to those who don’t have time to prepare.

A Vegan food Delivery Service

Plant Sumo’s vision for the culinary industry is that Vegan food and readily prepared meals should be available to those who are really trying to commit to the lifestyle. They pride themselves on what they refer to as ‘Plant Based Diet’ meals. All of their food is healthy, locally sourced when possible and all derived completely from plant products.

They are centrally located in London, operating out of Park Royal and their company provides an array of prepared Vegan meals. Their product is also their image. It is an iconic box of ‘yummy’ that arrives at your office for your whole team on a one off occasion or every week.

The Subscription Plan

The great thing about Plant Sumo is that they have different ways to sample and use their products. The first way for an individual to acquaint themselves with the food that Plant Sumo provides would be to order a ‘Sample Box, where you can try their signature dishes.

After that, and conditional on liking what you tried, and we promise you, you will, you can then progress onto their ‘one off plan’ or their ‘subscription plan’.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

It’s very interesting that the service this catering company is providing sounds similar in some respects to a mobile phone contract with one off or monthly subscriptions! However, this is what makes Plant Sumo so unique. Their plant based food delivery service is packaged in the same way as a utilities provider and less like a restaurant.

You make a subscription to have a box once a week or multiple times a week and your commitment to veganism becomes much easier. It’s definitely worth a try.

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Sam Edwards is a content writer who lives in Tunbridge Wells. He is working for Pearl Lemon Placements. When he is not writing, he can be found grabbing a coffee or playing guitar.