Cold, rainy days are out, warm and humid days are in! This means, too, that you should now take out your summer clothes from the depths of your wardrobe and ready your summer outfits! You can expect more outdoor activities and even times at the beach. Of course, we still need to be careful because we are still on the road to recovery because of the pandemic. Once summer is coming, it is important to dress comfortably to fully enjoy the experience. At the same time, you might want to dress fashionably, too! If you think your summer styling tips have gone a bit rusty from staying at home and from all the days you need to bundle up, we can help you with a few things! Here are styling tips for completing your summer look!

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Less is more

When it comes to summer outfits, less is more! This also applies to choosing the accessories that you will wear. You do not need to wear lots of accessories. If that is the style or brand that you are going for, well it is up to you. But wearing lots of accessories can be annoying and can feel sticky and uncomfortable. With choosing your accessories, a quality watch will do. If you are out to go to the beach, choose a diver’s watch, so you can be sure of its water resistance. You can check out watches from Bell & Ross and see if you like one of their diver’s watches!

Wear lighter colors

Since it is summer, we want to keep cool and to look cool, too! Wearing dark colors will absorb more heat. This will make you feel the heat even more in an uncomfortable way. Wearing dark colors can also add a more uncomfortable vibe to others. Wearing lighter colors will not only give you a cool and refreshed look. It will also make you feel it, too! This is why when choosing the colors that you are going to go for this summer, you should opt for lighter colors.

Go for a no-makeup makeup look

Summer is all about looking cool, free, dewy, and glowing. Ditch your heavy makeup while you are out on a warm summer day for you to look fresher. You will also appreciate putting on light makeup when going to outdoor activities with the sun shining. Having on light makeup will also make you feel less sticky and heavy. During the summer, the best thing to highlight is your dewy, natural look, your tan, and your rosy blush because of the summer heat.

Apply tinted moisturizers, sunscreen, neutral eyeshadows, light-colored balms and stains, and maybe dabs of highlighters to emphasize your high points!

Wear unstructured blazers for semi-formal events

Your summer will not be complete without at least attending a semi-formal event or two. Sometimes, these kinds of events are summer-themed which is why a semi-formal attire can be your worst enemy–the heat can be insufferable! Even a lightweight blazer will not help. Stay and look cool even on semi-formal events by wearing an unstructured blazer made from linen or cotton. These materials will keep your attire nice and breathable. You can just pair this up with great shoes and accessories.

Invest in shorts

Shorts will be your best friend during the summer. You can wear it to almost all kinds of events with the right material, cut, and style. Aside from having a typical navy and khaki shorts, you can also try out seersucker shorts or some comfortable Irish linen shorts.

Choose a nice, fresh fragrance.

Maybe it is time for your sandalwood, musk and other types of fragrances along those scents to rest on your dress or vanity for a while. These kinds of scents may be great for cooler seasons, but for warm nights, it is best to choose a citrusy scent for a refreshing smell. Earthy and woodsy fragrances can also be your choice to give you the impression of chilling out in a refreshing wilderness.

Mind your footwear

The shoes that you will wear will also affect your summer outfit. Your trusty sneakers will still pass for your summer outfit but you can still do better than that. Your summer look will be cooler and more stylish if you try wearing more continental footwear like espadrilles. These are very comfortable to wear like flip-flops, yet just as stylish and versatile as your sneakers.

Do not forget those sunnies

Summertime is the best time to don the shades that you have been waiting for the right time to wear. This will also help you see better for when you need to go out on a warm, sunny day. Plus, it makes you look cool.

Enjoy your summer experience with loved ones

Here are just some of the styling tips we can share with you for your summer getaways. Make sure you enjoy your summer by hanging out with your loved ones and observing the right health protocols. Happy summer!