A precious metal similar to platinum jewelry is called palladium, which is easily confused with platinum. The metal mark of palladium is PD, unlike PT of platinum, which will be also followed by a number indicating the metal content, such as PD950. However, the two are not the same type solid gold name necklace( shop Necklace ), and the prices are very different. Pay special attention when buying.

Gold-plated: Gold-plated jewelry is marked “GP” or “KP”. It is electroplated with a very thin layer of gold on the surface of jewelry made of silver or copper.

Gold filled: Gold filled is often used to indicate that the intrinsic material of jewelry is not metal such as gold or silver, but some alloy materials such as aluminum, copper, and zinc. The surface of these materials is covered with gold custom name necklace cheap, like wrapping paper. The inner material is covered for decorative purposes, which is comparable to gold jewelry. Cover the surface of a metal such as silver or copper with gold foil.

Forged gold: It is marked as “GF” or “KGF”, which is essentially a gold filled metal. It is a process of forging gold foil on the surface of other metal jewelry under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The forged gold surface has strong hardness and high wear resistance, and it is not easy to lose the gold texture 14k gold best friend necklace.
Platinum rhodium: Marked with PtRh5, PtRhl0, PtRhl3, PtRh30 and PtRh40 and other alloys, it is rare in jewelry.

Here Is How Men Should Wear Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is becoming more and more popular now. Generally speaking, “gilded silver” and “gilded copper” are also imprinted with gold-plated or gold-filled. Pay special attention when buying.

Jewelry maintenance

Jade products should not be placed for a long time. Often wearing jade products can let people’s body oil, moisture soaked into jade to play the role of maintenance. If you do not wear emerald for a long time, you can apply some olive oil or light colorless oil and use sealed plastic bags for packaging monogram silver necklace, but it can not be thick colored motor oil, because the yellowing of the oil oxidation will directly affect the color of jade.


1.Avoid contacting with acid and alkaline substances
Avoid exposing pearls to acids and alkalis and chemicals. Remove pearl jewelry when swimming, bathing, and cooking. Wear pearls after makeup.
2.Wipe with cashmere cloth
It is better to wipe with fine flannelette after wearing pearls every time. Do not use tissue.
3.Clean without water
There are small holes on the surface of the pearl personalised necklace cheap, which is difficult to dry. You can carefully wipe it with a towel and put it back to the jewelry box.
4.Pearl needs air
Pearls also need to come out of the box to breathe, so take them out and wear them every few months to let them breathe.
5. Anti-scratch, flat storage, avoid exposure to the sun
Pearl jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching with other bracelet for your girlfriend jewelry. The pearl necklace is not easy to hang for a long time, and the pearl is easy to fall off the chain, so it should be stored flat. Keep pearls in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, or place them in a dry place to prevent pearls from dehydration.
6. After the pearl turns yellow, soak it with dilute hydrochloric acid to dissolve the yellowed shell, so that the pearl can reproduce its luster and charming color.