Want to know if it’s good value to hire a personal injury attorney or not? Read this first.

Imagine this scenario: you are out walking on the sidewalk in Atlanta, your foot goes through a hole in the concrete, and you fall forward. You break your ankle in the process and have to go to hospital. You’re hurt, you’re down thousands in medical bills, and you have to take time off work to recover.

If you don’t think it is worth hiring a personal injury attorney in the above scenario, we are going to assume you are the type of rich that means you can afford such medical expenses, without batting an eyelid. The obvious answer is to hire that attorney, recover your losses, and allow yourself to fully heal before you start again.

And here are a few more reasons why an Atlanta personal injury attorney is exactly what you need in your life if you’ve been injured.

The Cost of NOT Hiring your Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s continue with that above example of the broken ankle and examine exactly how much it would cost you if you paid for it yourself.

What Is A Personal Injury And What Can You Expect After An Accident

Costs of the injury would include:

● Medical expenses, inclusive of point of accident treatment and any ongoing physical therapy, right through to potential costs in old age. You could, perhaps, develop arthritis in the injury in later life.
● Time off work because you need to recover. For a broken bone expect 6 weeks or more. If you work on your feet, you may need to get a new job for pain reasons.
● Potentially missing events, family gatherings, even holidays because it isn’t safe to fly yet.
● Being unable to drive, unable to shop for yourself, requiring care in your own home for a week or two.
● Extra childminder’s expenses, taxi costs, missed activities for your dependents because of your injury.
If you can afford to cover all of the above expenses without missing the money, then you are in a privileged position, and we wish you well. Otherwise, a personal injury attorney’s chief priority will be to recover these expenses for you, from whomever was responsible for your accident in the first place.

How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Your personal injury attorney will find out who is responsible for your accident and see that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. After the issue in question is addressed, they will then get you the compensation you need, for all of the costs listed above and any others that may be accrued as a result of the injury. If you want to know more about the process of filing Personal injury claims or have any questions in mind, you could always visit and check The Henry Law Firm to help you understand it.

Their role is to make sure you are able to get all the medical aid you need, and that it won’t be at cost to you. Any money won by your attorney isn’t about greed and you shouldn’t feel guilty over recovering your own losses – especially when they wouldn’t have happened to begin with, had the perpetrator not failed in their duty of care.

Are personal injury attorneys worth it? They should be considered essential.