A wallet is an accessory that holds your most personal information and guards your money, so it’s very important and personal. It can also paint a clear picture about who you are and whether you’re organized or messy, stylish or sloppy, prepared or not.

When it comes the time to ditch your old wallet and invest in something new, don’t take that decision lightly.

To pick something that will serve you well for years, here’s what to know about buying a wallet:

Start with the size

Wallets come in many different sizes and you usually don’t need the biggest one (unless you’re a waiter, but they have special ones). To determine the size of the wallet you need, take your current money holder and start decluttering.

You’ll probably dig out old business cards, loose change, old receipts and loyalty cards you don’t need. If you haven’t used these recently, just throw them out—they don’t need to take up your precious space.

Once you’ve made a selection of items you use every day, you can determine the size of your new wallet.

Consider your style


If you’re like most men, you probably have one wallet that you use every day and on every occasion. The truth is that you might be required to own at least two different wallets, depending on your outfit and event. F

or instance, if you’re having a casual night out and wearing a big coat, you can grab your trusted bi-fold wallet.

But if you’re wearing a suit, this item will look bulky sitting in your trousers.

A better solution for this situation would be an elegant breast wallet that will perfectly fit into your jacket pocket and still give your suit a nice shape. Also, if you are having multiple cards then you can buy men’s designer card case wallets.

Go cashless

After all, we live in the 21st century, and according to some estimates, cash will be a thing of the past soon. More and more businesses are going cashless, so do you really need a wallet with a separate change pocket? Introducing elegant minimalist wallets designed specially to hold cards. T

hese are slim (only 6mm) and extra-durable, plus they look good with any style and on any occasion. One of these bad boys can fit up to 12 cards and is equipped with RFID blocking to protect you from wireless card information theft.

You need some cash? Some models come with a built-in money clip so you can actually have it all in slim and elegant packaging.

Focus on quality


A wallet is not something you buy every other week, so you should pay attention to your accessory’s material.

When purchasing a classic leather wallet, keep in mind that this material also has nuances. The quality of leather will depend on where the material comes from and how it is treated and colored.

Card wallets should be made with aluminum plates and contain quality screws. If you focus on quality instead of price, you can find a wallet that will last you for years, maybe even decades.

Choose the right color

Don’t just grab the first wallet color you see or the one that looks the coolest. If you examine your daily life and realize you wear casual clothing most of the time, a lighter leather wallet with patina or a copper or carbon fiber card wallet will fit your aesthetic well.

On the other hand, if you wear suits daily, something with a dark finish will paint a more sophisticated picture.

Also, consider the occasion when you need to show your wallet. For instance, if you work in a corporate setting, dark colors are more appropriate and professional. But if you work in a creative position, you can go with colors and innovative design.

A wallet seems like such a small and unimportant accessory, but if you think about it, it can leave a huge impression. To make that impression good, choose the right wallet for you using these tips above and enjoy your newfound style, comfort and practicality.