Don’t worry — those kids’ sneakers that light up and flash are no longer at the top of the trending list of playtime essentials. Children are following the adults’ example with shoes that come in bright and vivid colors.

Perhaps it’s boredom or maybe the little ones need a pick-me-up to get through a hot summertime away from school. Some children may also find it challenging to express themselves during their playtime. Bold and fashionable colors, however, can help them send a message loud and clear. You can find good options in baby shoes sale online.

When searching for stylish and affordable kids footwear, Velcro snaps and slip-ons are designed for those kids who have an abundance of energy.

Playful Sneakers Trends for Kids

Slip-ons can save energy for the playground

It’s not uncommon for children to need just a little freedom from adults so that they can run amok. That could be their way of practicing self-care. Comfortable shoes that don’t require fiddling around with laces can help them experience a bit more self-sufficiency. When kids can put on their shoes without your help, it can give them a feeling of independence, even if their shoes end up on the wrong feet!

To an active child, any pent-up force can be released quickly with slip-ons. Once they’re on, he or she is ready to zip outside and take on the reigns of the playground. It could, however, be an upsetting distraction if a kid needs to stop conquering the playground equipment to tie his or her shoelaces.

Canvas prints have versatile functions

The latest trendy canvas prints for kids include animals, flowers and fruit. Whether they’re embroidered with a happy canine or colorful red apples, canvas slip-ons can provide an easy way for kids to take their shoes on and off.

It may take several attempts for a child to master the art of matching their left and right shoe to its respective foot. A dachshund that wraps around the side of a shoe could help kids recognize whether the shoe belongs to the left or the right foot.

Canvas shoes are built to get kids through all sorts of terrain. The shoes are designed with rubber soles with a secure grip that can make a difference in a kid’s ability to maneuver quickly and keep up with playmates. For those who travel the grounds on a bike or a tricycle, slip-ons also alleviate the concern that shoelaces will come undone and get caught in the spokes.

Funky colors can meet a need for both self-expression and identification

Family members with matching shoes are making the rounds on social media. Coordinating colors between the adults and the kids, however, has a purpose beyond racking up some online “likes.” Carefully coordinated shoes help identify which kid belongs to which parent at the playground.

Searching for puma shoes online to accommodate a collective family style is a good way to start. The classic basket collection comes in a variety of both plain and outrageous colors. They also add some zing to family pictures.

The time spent at the playground doesn’t need to only benefit children. Playing mix-and-match with Puma shoes can make for an interesting conversation starter. If you’re a single parent looking for another single parent to connect with, it could help you gain some attention.