It is believed that the earliest form of mosquito arrived on the planet 226 million years ago. That means these small insects have been on Earth for significantly longer than humans. In fact, most scientists agree that Homo sapiens have only been on the planet for approximately three million years.

During that time a battle has existed between humans and their tiny foe, the mosquito. It is estimated that the mosquito has caused more human death than any other animal on earth. It has been responsible for Zika outbreaks, yellow fever and is still attacking people today!

Understanding The Mosquito

Mosquitoes have slender segmented bodies and a single set of wings, they are not strong fliers. They do need water to survive, not just for drinking but also for laying their eggs. This is why mosquitoes tend to congregate around still water. Adult female mosquitoes use a special tube to pierce your skin and suck your blood. The blood contains protein and iron which is essential for the female to produce eggs.

Unfortunately, the salvia of the mosquito is transmitted to you when they bite you. This will generally cause a small reaction. That’s the traditional red mark and itchiness you get after being bitten.


But, if the mosquito is carrying any bacteria, they will also be transmitted. In this way, the mosquito is capable of passing on a variety of diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and Zika.

Many of the diseases it carries can be deadly. If you think you have a mosquito problem click here and get in touch with your local exterminators. They will help you eradicate the issue and protect your home and family.

Why Anyone Can be Affected

Female mosquitoes are automatically attracted to humans and have a natural ability to find blood vessels and extract blood. Scientists have adopted an array of approaches, including radiating male mosquitoes and releasing ones with genes that prevent fertility. However, they still do not know exactly what it is about humans that attract mosquitoes.

This is something that is currently being worked on, identifying this will make it significantly easier to create effective mosquito traps and prevent humans from being bitten.

That’s the bottom line, mosquitoes do not appear to be choosy regarding which person they bite, it is literally the first one they find. Once bitten, you will either suffer an irritating red spot or you will have contracted a disease that needs medical help to survive. You won’t know straight away whether you’ve been infected or not, only time can answer this.



How to Stop Mosquito Bites is the question we are all asking. That’s why it’s essential that you cover exposed skin in mosquito repellant and stay as covered up as possible.  This prevents mosquitoes from getting to your skin and biting you. Don’t forget, most of the diseases they spread don’t have vaccines or medications. You simply need to let your body fight the illness and hope you survive. That’s why eradicating mosquitoes has become a global issue, it could save millions of lives.