For most men, a premium or luxury watches brand is usually associated with something they can’t afford. Especially younger guys think that way. Let’s talk Paul Rich, then.

Let’s look at an international watch company that delivers both quality and luxury with undemanding price tags. Are you interested?

Luxury watches for students

Imagine a NYU student who wants to have something special on his wrist. Unfortunately, living in New York isn’t cheap. A young man there, in most cases, has to make tough decisions in order to keep himself afloat.

Luxury timepieces must therefore wait for later, right? Not necessarily. Thanks to Paul Rich, the student can afford a good quality product that can impress most premium watches enthusiasts.

Paul Rich Premium watches

The Signature collection is something he should look into. These are extremely good-looking watches that will serve during both formal and more casual occasions. A silver stainless steel forged into an elegant, yet modern shape. Classic, emerald green or maybe even a pure black dial. And most of all – exceptional functionality that will last for years to come. What a watch for a young man to have! Don’t take our words for granted, though. Just enter the Paul Rich website and check it out for yourself.

Exclusive sports watches

Let’s go to a smaller town now. Imagine a man in his mid-30s. He has two kids and a wife. He wears a suit for work, but likes to take it off and jump into sneakers every evening. And he runs. He also goes to the gym twice a week. An ordinary guy who wants to be in shape because he has a lot of career-climbing to do.

Sounds familiar? Typical luxury watch brands like Patek Philippe are way over his league at this point, but Paul Rich… Now, that’s a different story entirely.

The Star Dust collection will suit this man perfectly. Extremely elegant, sand-blasted metallic cases come with a few timeless colors. A replaceable strap can come in a form of a genuine leather or a recycled and comfortable rubber, which is nothing unusual these days. Quite contrary. TAG Heuer uses them, for example.

Star Dust will also be very durable, so it can withstand a fall during running and even a 50-meter underwater experience because its water resistance level aims at 5 ATM. These are elegant dive watches that will provide a timeless appeal in sport clothes as well as in a suit.

As you can hopefully see, premium watches for men can most certainly come with great quality and affordable price at the same time. Paul Rich can compete with many Swiss watch brands, and yet every ordinary guy – from a student to a middle-class banker – has a chance to wear such a marvelous timepiece on his wrist. Care to join him?