When you find yourself in legal trouble, you might know that you need to “get a lawyer”, but did you know that there are many different kinds? Lawyers are able to specialize, especially with advanced degrees, meaning that if you want someone to solve your specific problem, you need to seek them out.

Getting a lawyer can be scary and complicated enough without the added layer of specification, but generally, attorneys will tell you exactly what it is that they like to do and what their specialties are.


After all, they want a successful case.

Different lawyers serve different purposes, and finding the right one for you is essential.

Keep reading for just a few examples of the different kinds of attorneys you might encounter on your search.

Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights lawyers cover what their name entails: civil rights concerns. If you feel as though your civil rights have been infringed upon, a civil rights lawyer might be the lawyer for you.

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Civil rights lawyers have specialties within them. Some civil rights lawyers specify in racial discrimination, others in gender discrimination. Some focus on the rights of people with disabilities and how they interact with the workplace or school.

Civil rights is kind of a “broad” issue, so if this one sounds right to you, but you’re unsure, a consultation with a civil rights attorney might be in your future.

Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury attorney is going to cover many different kinds of cases. Almost any case where one person causes injury to another person can use a personal injury lawyer (though they may have other options as well depending on the circumstance). The injury doesn’t have to be physical; injuries can be mental or include monetary damages.

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If you were to be bitten by a dog, or you were looking for the best auto injury attorney, a personal injury lawyer might be exactly what you’re looking for to help with your case.

Immigration Lawyers

If you’re planning on moving into the country or marry internationally, you may need the best immigration lawyer.

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An immigration lawyer is there to smooth the process of immigration, which can often be complicated especially as laws morph and change. They can help potential immigrants obtain their U.S. visas or they can help people who are currently facing deportation.

They may also specialize based on the situation or even country so there are different kinds of lawyers within this branch.

Criminal Law Lawyer

This is the typical kind of lawyer that will come to the average person’s mind when they hear the word “lawyer”.

Criminal law lawyers are split into two groups: prosecutors and defense attorneys. The prosecutor is going to work on behalf of the person making the claim (or the wronged party, sometimes the state) and the defense attorney is going to work on behalf of the defendant, or the person who was accused of doing the crime.

These lawyers are either paid very little (if they’re state-appointed) or very well (if they’re private).

Estate Lawyer

An estate lawyer is going to help a client plan their estate.

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They help to create all of the necessary legal documents that need to be drafted before the death or incapacitation of someone so that their belongings and assets go where they want them to go.

An estate lawyer has to be well-versed in taxes and finances.

Entertainment Lawyer

An entertainment lawyer is kind of a legal representative for celebrities and the celebrity-adjacent.

These lawyers work kind of like agents, helping to negotiate fair deals with other lawyers and companies for their clients. They also help to manage copyright, trademarks, and royalties.

Public Interest Lawyer

A public interest lawyer can be a few different lawyers in one. They’re focused on serving the public and representing those who may be otherwise unable to obtain or afford legal council.

This can sometimes be by way of offering their services pro bono  (or without charge) for clients who are low income with a worthy cause, or they may do legal work for nonprofits or worthwhile foundations.

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These lawyers often work with charities and aim to use their knowledge and advanced degrees to do some good in the world.

Government Lawyer

While in this list this only takes up one category, government lawyers actually encompass several different kinds of lawyers.

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Government lawyers are just lawyers who work with the government. There are so many sectors, though, that these attorneys can do all different types of work. Some of them may work with humanitarian efforts while others may work for the environment. Some may be doing work with the FBI and some may be checking on important legislation as high up as the White House.

This is a high-profile position with a lot of categories.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Legal malpractice lawyers are lawyers for your lawyers. Confusing, right?

Everyone needs legal representation sometimes, and legal malpractice lawyers help to provide it to those who may not otherwise get the option. It’s unwise for a lawyer to defend themself and they can’t defend their close peers.

Some of these lawyers will be on the opposing side of the lawyer being accused of malpractice, while some will be defending them.

There Are Many Different Lawyers, Which Suits Your Needs?

There are so many different lawyers out there and there are even more specialties within each category. You can also find legal aid in your community by looking up pro bono lawyers on local websites (like this one). If you find yourself needing legal representation, it’s crucial to find someone who can do the best job. You wouldn’t hire an entertainment lawyer for a car accident, right?

These are only some of the potential types of attorneys that you might find on your search for legal help. It’s always important to do your research and shop around before choosing your lawyer to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

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