If you are a newbie horse rider or a western enthusiast, this is your chance to learn to take proper care of your cowboy hats. You don’t want that stylish hat to blow off your top when riding, do you? If not, then this post is just for you. It is vital to make the distinction that some of us are just lucky to be “born riders.” But, for most of us mere mortals, we have to figure out through a long and tedious process which shirt, trousers, and accessories fit the best while providing functionality.

If you are trying to look the part of a cowboy, you need to follow our tips. Expert hatmakers present the following post of men’s cowboy hat care tips at Americanhatmakers.com.

Let us have a look.

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Find an expert hatmaker

If you are looking for a hat that fits, you need an expert hatmaker. Not many will ask you to get the fit done by a professional, but if you are fussy about the size, shape, and fit, you need an expert with a lot of knowledge. Invest in the best to look your best.

Use fabric steamer

It is vital to understand that felt hats lose their shape over time. Most felt hats morph into a very different shape over time. However, you can quickly reshape your out-of-shape hat by using a fabric steamer. But, do keep in mind that hat reshaping requires a bit of expertise, and therefore you are better off employing an expert hatmaker. If you are confident enough, by all means, reshape your hat.

Hat maintenance

There are few hat-maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind at all times if you are looking to keep the shape. Never keep the hat on a flat surface with the brim shape down. Keep in mind that hats are usually made of memory materials, which means if you push it against the surface it is resting on, the shape will change drastically. The crown holds the shape better, so make sure if you are resting the hat, use the crown side.

Maintain hat level

Maintaining that level is vital, especially when you are riding. Keep in mind the only way to keep your hat on your head while riding is to maintain the level. Remember that the hat will stay in place if the brim meets the wind head-on. If it is tilted to any side, even a bit, the hat will fly off your head.

Use bobby pins to secure the hat

The most affordable way to maintain the hat on your head while riding is to use bobby pins. You can clip them in your hair while inserting one side into the band of the hat. Ensure you are securing the pins correctly, and you can rest assured that the hat will stay in place even with high-speed riding.

Weather-stripping is important

Barrel racers use the weather-stripping hack to their advantage. Weather-stripping adds volume and extra cushioning to the hat, making the item fit snugly around your head. You can use weather stripping if you have problems using bobby pins and other methods to secure your cowboy hat.

cowboy hats

Toupee tape

Another easy way of keeping the hat on your head while riding is to use a toupee tape. You can purchase toupee tape from several online stores. These are band-aid-like strips that you can apply to the front of the hatband. This will make sure that the hat is kept in its place through running flags, turning flags, and during rodeo events.

Turning down half the hatband

Some people are quite okay with the hatband showing. Keep in mind that you can turn down half the hatband, especially the part with the small bow that enables you to differentiate the front from the back. If you can turn the hatband in the right areas, your hat will stay in place irrespective of your head’s size.

Stampede string

The stampede string is one of the oldest methods to secure a cowboy hat on your head. You do run the risk of getting labeled a cowboy-hat “noob,” but everyone has to start somewhere. The stampede string will hold the hat in place with a chin-strap like a system. However, keep in mind if the stampede string is too tight, you will develop crushing headaches after wearing the hat for a prolonged time.

There are several hat hacks that you can use when it comes to maintaining cowboy hats. Have you found a few more that we do not know off?

Make sure you are following our tips of wearing and maintaining cowboy hats. You will enjoy your riding experience. Happy riding and all the very best.